This is John Eisenberg in 2006. We bet he is old balls now.

We already wrote everything you need to know about National Security Council lawyer/Deputy White House Counsel John Eisenberg in this post, and in all the posts that post links to. If you are not there yet, CATCH UP.

He is invited to Congress to testify on Monday. He is, in short, the brick wall every single whistleblower and concerned American citizen who works in the White House -- even Tim Morrison, the GOP's supposed star witness, ran to Eisenberg like he was running to mommy -- has run up against when they tried to bang on his door and scream "CRIME! TRUMP DID A CRIME RIGHT NOW ON THE PHONE WITH THE PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE! BIG CRIME!"

He is the guy who put the transcript of Trump's treason call in on the Bin Laden server for America's most classified information and Trump's most crimey foreign agent phone calls. Apparently he did it like six seconds after Trump hung up!

Natasha Bertrand with new information that comes from Lt. Col. Alex Vindman's testimony, which is apparently the gift that just keeps on giving, cannot WAIT for this guy to testify in public:

Vindman did not consider the move itself as evidence of a cover-up, according to a person familiar with his testimony. But he said he became disturbed when, a few days later, Eisenberg instructed him not to tell anyone about the call—especially because it was Vindman's job to coordinate the interagency process with regard to Ukraine policy.


But it was a perfect call! It was so good Donald Trump wants everybody to at least wear a T-shirt that says "READ THE TRANSCRIPT!11!1!" and he wants to do a "fireside chat" with America so he can read it to us with his leaking mush mouth!

You know, unless it wasn't a perfect call and was full of multiple impeachable crimes and John Eisenberg knew that and decided to do multiple coverups for the criminal-in-chief.

Have fun showing up on Monday, John-Boy! Or not showing up and starting another court fight and/or becoming one of the articles of impeachment on obstruction of justice! Whichever!

You are gonna be famous no matter what, John Eisenberg. Whether you go down on the right side or the wrong side of history, well that's up to you, buckaroo.


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