Hey 'Pro-Life' People! Would You Mind Trying Not To Kill Us All?

Hey 'Pro-Life' People! Would You Mind Trying Not To Kill Us All?

Everyone I know, probably everyone you know, is doing their best to keep at home, observing social distancing, washing their hands, making a lot of sourdough bread, etc. Some are making masks, others are participating in mutual aid societies, others are getting groceries for older and immuno-compromised people and generally doing whatever they can to not only get through this, but to help other people get through this as well.

But outside our bubbles, I guess you could say, there are those dying to tempt fate — like our friend Rev. Rodney Howard-Browne, getting arrested for trying to hold giant church services during the pandemic. Or Diamond and Silk just asking questions and suggesting that alllllllllll of the doctors could be lying about the numbers of people infected and dying, just to make Trump look bad and prevent him from getting to see churches packed full of people.

Or this dingbat saying he wants to have a Christian Woodstock on Easter.

Or the Texas pastors suing a judge for including their church services in a stay-at-home order. Or the famously wacky E.W. Jackson, who says he will continue holding services at his church in Virginia, also in defiance of stay-at-home orders.

Over the weekend, three anti-choice protesters were arrested in Greensboro, South Carolina, for refusing to go the hell home.
The officer can be heard in the video trying to appeal to the protesters, but after repeated commands from the police one man is heard arguing.

"Right now I am giving you a command to leave this location," said the officer.

"You must obey the rule of God and not the rule of man," responded one of the protesters.

"If you do not leave this location now you will be charged. Are you going to comply with what I'm telling you to do?" asked the officer.

They did not comply and they were charged. The three men were part of Love Life, the same stupid anti-choice group we reported on last week when they were refusing to cancel their "prayer walks" against abortion.

Glenn Beck's The Blaze breathlessly reported on a San Francisco woman who dared use "f-bombs" when she was telling an anti-choice street preacher to go the fuck home, because no one appreciated him standing on the street screaming about abortion all day.

Personally, I totally love her.

Public Education: Screaming Woman Tells Abolitionist to Go Homewww.youtube.com

The idiot street preacher, who smugly calls himself an abolitionist, goes on and on about how his voice must be heard everywhere so he can save the zygotes, while clearly not giving one fuck about the born humans who could die from his irresponsibility.

Throughout the pandemic, forced birth enthusiasts have continued protesting at abortion clinics. Peter Breen, a lawyer representing one of these protesters, even had the gall to claim they are performing an "essential service" by yelling at people trying to have abortions.

Via Rewire.News:

Breen, who represents convicted anti-choice activist David Daleiden [...] told call participants that their protests could be considered "necessary" and "essential" services.

"Going deeper into some of these orders, we are of the opinion, based on the necessary services or essential services that are being defined in these orders, that we also qualify," Breen said. "If you are providing information about local pregnancy centers trying to connect pregnant women going into an abortion facility or any patient going to an abortion facility with more life-affirming alternatives, you are connecting them to reproductive health services. Or you are connecting them to health care generally."


There is, it seems, a bit of a partisan divide on COVID-19 right now. Conservatives are out there trying to prove their right-wing street cred by seeing who can be the most dismissive of the threat posed by the virus. Those who consider themselves "pro-life" for fetuses are the ones who, right now, seem most likely to kill the rest of us.

And sure! I get it. A lot of these religious people are very excited for the end times to arrive. They do not personally care if a ton of people get sick and die because they plan on getting vacuumed up to heaven any day now. Both evangelicals and Republicans have their bones to pick with scientists for always saying things like "The earth is more than 6,000 years old" and "Man-made climate change is real" and "Please stop trying to cure illnesses by drinking bleach!" and thus do not feel inclined to believe them.

Maybe God will protect them from getting COVID-19 in church (though that didn't work out too well for this choir) or while they're out protesting abortion clinics (though that didn't work out too well for that street preacher who got COVID in New Orleans and then became the first to die of it in Virginia). Maybe the numbers really are being inflated by doctors hell-bent on hurting Donald Trump's feelings and making him look bad. Maybe the end times are here and Jesus will come back any day now.

But maybe, just maybe, those things are not true, and these people are putting everyone in danger by acting as if they are.

We're all making sacrifices right now. And the sacrifice these people need to make is to at least pretend like they care about the rest of us just as much as they care about fetuses. They need to pretend like they care about making sure other people don't get infected as much as they care about policing what kind of sex they think those people should be allowed to have. Even if they don't believe what doctors and scientists are saying about COVID-19, they need to behave as if they do. They need to stay the fuck home. Just until this is over. Then they can go back to annoying the shit out of everyone.

If they can't fake it, if it's really that important to them to go protest abortion clinics, hold church services and otherwise put the rest of us in danger, then maybe they need to be put in some kind of quarantine until this is all over.

We are just saying. For their safety and everyone else's!

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