Hey Stupid CEOs, Donald Trump Never Needed You Anyway!

All he needs is this flag...and Bannon...and his loyal sycophants [GRRR!] He doesn't need his sycophantsAfter people kept quitting because of hisbizarro-world comments on Charlottesville, the remaining members of Donald Trump's little business advisory groups decided Wednesday morning to pack it in and dissolve the councils. The Manufacturing Council and the Strategy & Policy Forum both called it quits, possibly because there weren't enough people left to meet the minimum order for free takeout delivery.

JP Morgan Chase chief executive Jamie Dimon, a member of the "Strategy & Policy Forum," told employees in a note on Wednesday that his group decided to disband following Trump's bizarre press conference on Tuesday [...]

“Constructive economic and regulatory policies are not enough and will not matter if we do not address the divisions in our country,” Dimon wrote his employees. ”It is a leader’s role, in business or government, to bring people together, not tear them apart.

Besides, Dimon didn't actually add, there was no point in JPMorgan Chase offering advice to an administration staffed mostly by Goldman Sachs guys.

The Manufacturing Council, which has been shedding members like a Chromodoris reticulata colony, lost the heads of Campbell Soup, 3M, and General Electric today, and it's unclear whether enough Captains of Industry remained in the group to put away the coffee maker and turn out the lights.

Naturally enough, once a critical mass of the group members had, like panicked cephalopods, vanished in a protective inky cloud of statements denouncing Trump's handling of Charlottesville, the result was predictable. Trump announced Wednesday afternoon that he was dissolving the CEO panels because they were no good, and it was all his idea in the first place anyway.

Oh look, a tweet:

At Tuesday's Lie-A-Thon, Trump had insisted one of the main reasons CEOs were fleeing the councils was that he had been "pressuring" them to stop manufacturing shit overseas and bring those jobs back to America, and that was all. Because what CEO could possibly resist the moral suasion of Donald "I make my branded shit in China because I have no choice" Trump? Frankly, we're surprised Trump didn't simply restock the councils with Chinese CEOs. He knows some Russians too, we hear ...

Dead Breitbart's Internet Dogwhistle Emporium had a pretty straightforward explanation of what went wrong with the councils: The Jews. Breitbart horcrux/homunculus Matthew Boyle pointed out the councils were the brainchild of National Economic Council director Gary Cohn, and what do you expect from a bunch of globalists and elites who pussy out at the first sign of brave white men standing up for their rights? Rather than being a Big Black Eye for Trump, it's actually a huge blow to the influence of Cohn, you see. It might even be a Feather in Trump's Cap:

The move is a significant blow to the influence of Cohn in the White House. Cohn, who was once rumored to be a candidate for chief of staff, was passed over for Gen. John Kelly when now former chief of staff Reince Priebus resigned. Cohn is still rumored to be a potential candidate for chairman of the Federal Reserve, but his chances at that are now waning too, as his level of control in the White House is dwindling by the minute.

There are reports that Cohn was “disgusted” with President Trump’s response to the Charlottesville incidents during a Tuesday press conference at Trump Tower in New York City.

Boyle deftly diagnoses -- big, hooked diag-noses -- the problem: GLOBALISTS and people named (((Cohn))) and (((Kushner))):

The organizational structure that empowered American CEOs–and not small business leaders–was always fraught with potential peril if and when something like this came up. Nonetheless, Cohn and Trump son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner pushed the president forward in advising the course of action that included the creation of these institutions full of corporatists and globalists that Trump is now disbanding.

Good decent mom-n-pop small businessvolk certainly wouldn't cut and run the first time Trump explained that anti-Nazi protesters are just as awful as Nazis, much less nice patriotic neo-Confederates who love monuments to the heroes of their country, which existed for five years a century and a half ago.

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