Hill Staffers Bravely Debate Which Party Is Uglier

Today on The Capitolist -- the new anonymous message board only accessible through official congressional computers -- we learn what Hill staffers think about beauty and politics:

* I'm just saying that for the most part, Democrats tend to be uglier or ugly people tend to identify more with Democrats. (Classic chicken-egg scenario). Probably because ugly people are usually always pissed off and spiteful of people who are successful and attractive and thus try to destroy them by taxing them to death. They can then define themselves as successful, even though they haven't done anything worthwhile in their pitiful existence except harp about how much America sucks. And of course they then have even less fortunate people - who they keep in a state of perpetual helplessness - gullibly tell them they are heroes. Ugly heroes, but at least that's better than nothing.

How true! Come read some more of what makes America so great retarded, after the jump.

Oh, first, let's run this graphic one of the Capitools posted on The Capitolist to support the argument:

This is supposed to be in *favor* of the Republicans, btw - Wonkette

And now, more intellectual debate:

* I gotta say, even though I am a Republican with a case of Yellow Fever, Michelle Malkin just isnt attractive. 6/18/2007 - 5:06 pm

* why is it all women...and Janet Reno? 6/18/2007 - 4:59 pm

* Debbie Schlussel, seriously? Why not include Eva Braun on your "hot conservative" list while you're at it? Also, Laura Bush clearly does not belong on there. I do have to admit I kind of have a thing for Laura Ingraham, though. Props to you guys for that one. 6/18/2007 - 4:56 pm

* oh please. how many dem commentators are there on TV at all? if you're using such tiny samples of elites, allow me to enter virtually all of Hollywood as evidence. perhaps the median dem is less attractive because their success is determined on the basis of more criteria than just fealty and hotness 6/18/2007 - 4:54 pm

* God bless Dennis Kucinich. I'm glad someone has the balls to go down to the House floor and defend the much maligned and misunderstood President of Iran, whatever his name is. Good peeps defending the honor of other good peeps. That's what it's all about. 6/18/2007 - 4:42 pm

* Ann Coulter's not the hottest but look at Cindy Sheehan or Hillary RodMan Cliton 6/18/2007 - 4:42 pm

* Amen brother! 6/18/2007 - 3:51 pm

* Is it just me or has the hill gotten a lot uglier since the Democrats took control? I'm not just talking about the changeover staff-wise. The large groups of malcontents parading around the halls who have made the cafeterias their homes and unusable for staff are equally harsh on the eyes. I have a hard time believing that as much as the Democrats love the trappings of the majority, they wouldn't turn back the clock to the aesthetic character of the previous Congresses if they could. 6/18/2007 - 3:48 pm

The Capitolist

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