Hillary Clinton Can't Stop Laughing At Dumbass Republicans

Donald Trump is under the impression he won Thursday's debate, but that honor may actually go to America's queen, Hillary "Hillz" Clinton, who seems to be having a gay old time, no homo, making fun of all the doofuses and dillweeds what are running against her on the Republican side. First we have the video above, which her campaign released just in case people missed the debate and want to see what happened. It's got Jeb! Bush not knowing when the primaries are, Rand Paul and Chris Christie slap-fighting like schoolchildren, Donald Trump calling every lady in America a "fat pig," and so on.

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But then it shifts gears, because there was something Hillary Clinton agreed with (!)

What is it (?)

Haha, it was when Marco Rubio said that "If this election is a resume competition, then Hillary Clinton's going to be the next president." CORRECT AS USUAL, KING FRIDAY!

The point Hillz is making, because she does have a point beyond all the giggling and pointing and laughing she is currently doing, is that these 17 candidates (!) are all fucking clowns, and she looks forward to being the bosslady of them, when she is president.

The other point Hillz is making, because she has two points, is that, dicknozzled wombat holes that they are, all these Republicans have a real inconvenient history of talking about how badass Hillary Clinton is, and she decided to remind everybody of that by decorating her Brooklyn headquarters with pictures of Donald Trump and Jeb! Bush and Carly Fiorina and Rick Perry and Marco Rubio, with quotes from each of them saying, "Oh Hillary, you are the best at all human jobs, we are just scabby tick bites on the inner thighs of weasels, why don't you go ahead and be president now?"

Of course, she invited reporters to come mock the debate with her:

Aw how nice, endorsements! You can see the full set at Business Insider, but we just want to highlight this one other one, because LOL:

Hillary Clinton is CLASSY and LUXURIOUS.

Well played, Hitlery, WELL PLAYED.

[JoeMyGod / Business Insider]

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