Hands where we can see them, creep.

Once upon a time in a Congress far away, there was this gaymosexual congressman named Mark Foley from a state called "Florida." He got in big trouble mister because he liked to send sexxxytime emails and Myspace messages to 16-year-old boy congressional pages, and it was even more scandalous because Foley had a nice, long record of voting for anti-gay legislation. HYPOCRITE. Anyway, he resigned in 2006 for being a gross perv.

What's hilarious about this is that Foley was sitting behind Donald Trump at a Florida rally Wednesday, while Trump made word soup about how TERRIBLE AWFUL BAD it is that Orlando shooter Omar Mateen's dad was spotted sitting behind Hillary at a rally. Trump says that people whose white privilege extends to sitting behind him and gazing at his beautiful gluteus maximus during rallies is a pretty good indicator that those people KNOW HIM. Otherwise, how would they have gotten those seats? Therefore Omar Mateen's dad and Hillary Clinton are sittin' in a tree, probably lesbian sexing each other and doing terrorism:


Evan Hurst

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