Oh no she di'int! But wait! She dih'! Hillary Clintontweetered out this amusing comment on the Sportsball Extravaganza Sunday, and while most people with normal reading comprehension read it as a comment on the coverage she's received on the Rupert Murdoch Rage Network, as compared to the humiliating pounding of the Denver sportsball fellows, it seems that the point was utterly lost on a couple of Fox anchors, either because they really are that dense or because it was in their best career interest to insist that they really love the lapels on their boss's new clothes.

In the FoxoPlex, it was obvious that the "someone else" getting roughed up on Fox just had to refer to Barack Obama getting pummelled by Bill-O'Reilly in that pre-game interview. It's the only possible interpretation.

On Fox and Friends Monday, Brian "the rapey one" Kilmeade wondered who it was that Hillz was comparing to the Broncos' defense:

“Is she talking about Peyton Manning, or is she talking about Barack Obama?”

Much later, on The Real Story (haha, the title, it is ironic!), Gretchen Carlson said that obviously Clinton was slamming Fox, but also shared her careful parsing of the cryptic tweet's other, unspoken target:

“I had the sneaking suspicion maybe she was talking about President Obama.”

Carlson’s guest Dee Dee Benkie saw no doubt about the matter. “It was absolutely [about] President Obama,” Benkie said. “Because she’s thinking she’s getting destroyed all the time about Benghazi. This time he’s on the hot seat. She’s sitting back, watching the game, saying, ‘At least it’s not me.’ She can laugh now. It may have been clever. But later, she’s going to be on the hot seat again.”

Yes, laugh while you can, Secretary Lady! Fox still has you in its surveyors' marks, and you will not escape their keen logical analysis.

Silly token Democrat lady Julie Roginsky seemed to think maybe Clinton was just talking about Denver (giggle!) because the tweet came around halftime, not during Bill O'Reilly's alleged devastation of the POTUS. Benkie congratulated Roginsky for her valiant effort to protect Obama from what was obviously scathing criticism from Hillz, and then went back to shouting "Benghazi!" some more.

Especially hilarious: Carlson wondering how Clinton could possibly think Fox has been unfair to her, since both she and Bill said that Fox had been really nice to Hillary. During the 2008 campaign.

Jeeze, these liberals and their dedication to political talking points! It just blinds them to what's obviously right in front of them. So sad, really.


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