Hillary Clinton's 'Vagenda Of Manocide' Coming To Manocide You With A Vagenda

It's almost musical, isn't it?

In a development that makes perfect sense this year, a 2014 photo from a gunsmithing shop, Gulf of Maine Gunsmithing in Raymond, Maine, has suddenly gone viral after hitting the Twitters Tuesday. Not content with a series of rather boring warnings about "Demarats" and their desire to tax you to death on its signboard, the management offered the above rant cautioning the public to





Not surprisingly, the thing has gone all BOOM! like the Vaginamite on the Twitter Machine, and people are having loads of fun with it, because there is something undeniably melodic about the phrase "Vagenda of Manocide":

Lest anyone think the Internet is slow to grab a meme and hold on for dear life, you'll be delighted to know that within hours of the old sign first being tweeted, the URL VagendaOfManocide.com redirects straight to Hillary Clinton's campaign donation page. Bravo, Clinton staffer or anonymous troll who purchased the domain!

It's a little repetitious

Also, if you're in Maine and you need some gunsmithing done, we'd suggest someplace other than Gulf of Maine Gunsmithing. They seem a little unbalanced. If you're into documentation of wingnuttery, there's a nice fellow on the Facebooks who's been archiving the shop's signs, because that, too, is why Al Gore made the internet. That and cats. Who have a catgenda of cheezburgercide.

[The Stranger via tip from alert Wonkette Operative "T. Kim" / Daily Dot / Matthew Foster on Twitter]

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