History Shocker! Ayn Rand Helped FBI Find Communist Influence In ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’


Why, Mr. Potter, you're just a lackey of the capitalist running dogs, that's what you are!Before War On Christmas 2013 fades into memory, let's take a look at how the FBI examined a Christmas Classic for evidence of communist propaganda. According to a nifty article in Aphelis, Frank Capra's tale of the redemptive power of sentimental glurge was listed as potentially subversive, as part of a widespread investigation into alleged communist influence in Hollywood -- as if anyone needed to investigate such an obvious fact, haw haw!

And why would they worry about the potential communistical content of a dopey little movie about angels and guilt trips? They had some help from a professional anti-communist, of course!

Among the group who produced the analytical tools that were used by the FBI in its analysis of It’s a Wonderful Life was Ayn Rand ... [who had also] published a similar report all by herself.

That little girl who no one liked... grew up to be Ayn Rand. And now you know the Rest Of The Story. Good day!


Doktor Zoom

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