Hmm: Andrew Breitbart Gets Really Defensive About His Alcohol Use


Score one for random chance: for the first time in the long history of C-SPAN, something interesting actually happened on air! Democracy's best friend Andrew Breitbart (he's also best friends with truth and journalistic ethics; pick one, Andy!) was on to talk about his book when he was asked to describe his "current relationship with alcohol." We all enjoy alcohol from time to time, don't we? That's a simple question. But it's not for Breitbart, who quickly got very defensive. "Why do you ask?!" Breitbart demanded. This is so odd. Why ever would that question hit close to home for Breitbart?

Then Breitbart turned the tables.

"Would you ask Barack Obama in an interview with him ... what's your current relationship with cocaine?"

Yes, that probably is what the media would ask Barack Obama, if they saw him at parties all the time stoned on cocaine.

An update on this item from a couple weeks back:

There is some amazing video of Andrew Breitbart from that cocktail party in Washington Thursday night, and as soon as the wrestling match between two very unlikely and very minor media outlets in D.C. can be resolved, we are going to post this video and a certain unnamed fun-loving conservative rabble rouser is probably going to be sharing a room at Detox Mansion with Lindsay Lohan.

We now hear this video is not going to be released. But what would be the problem? That video could have nothing to do with Breitbart being drunk off his ass and doing some questionable things. Because Breitbart doesn't have a drinking problem. He never did. [Patrick Gavin]


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