Hot New Conservative Teevee Talk Show Thing Will Fill Your Life With Laughter As You Mock It Relentlessly


Have you been wandering alone in the liebrul wilderness that is comedy on teevee, America? Stuck with your Stephen Colberts and your Jon Stewarts ramming their liberal agendas down your throat, because that is the weird thing you say every time someone says something you don't like and what the fuck with the throat-ramming analogy anyway? Well, time to thank your lucky stars because some rando dude who writes for some third-tier network television comedy shows is here to show you how to do comedy all conservative-styley. Rejoice!

Michael Loftus, who is totally Dave Chappelle, cocaine-using-era Robin Williams, 1960s Bob Newhart, and Chris Rock all rolled into one, BOOYA, is hosting some new horrorshow called "The Flipside" for all you conservatives that feel left out of pop culture because it doesn't spend enough time bashing the poors and the gays.



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