Very Shocking New Poll Shows Anti-Abortion A-Holes Mostly Just Hate Women

You are never going to believe this, but it turns out that, according to a new poll from Supermajority/PerryUndem, people who are against abortion actually don't seem all that concerned about unborned babies. If you are shocked, you have not been paying attention. We and many others have been saying for years that if these people actually gave a shit about fetuses, they'd support policies that actually reduce the need for abortion, as opposed to trying to criminalize the women who need them and the doctors who provide them. But no, it's about control, and it's about punishment.

The entire poll, which is called "Gender Equality, the Status of Women and the 2020 Elections," is worth a look-see, but we are most interested in the part about the correlation between people's views on abortion and how they feel about other gender equality issues. SURPRISE, but so-called "pro-lifers" mostly just hate women.

There are ten questions, with results divided between those who mostly want to ban abortion vs. those who mostly want to preserve that sacred fucking constitutional right. Here is a summary of a few of them:

  • Are women just TOO SENSTIVE? 77 percent of "pro-lifers" say yes.
  • Do bitches be lyin' when they say people are being sexist? 71 percent of "pro-lifers" say yes.
  • Are men just BETTER AT POLITICS than women? 54 percent of "pro-lifers" say yes!
  • Does the fact that much of our government is still a fucking sausage party have any trickle-down effect on women's equality? A whole 23 percent of "pro-lifers" think that might have an effect, while a large majority clearly believes the men should handle such things.
  • Does it even matter how women are treated, as it relates to the 2020 election? Only 35 percent of "pro-lifers" think so.
  • Do you think if women cannot access birth control, they are less equal? Just 27 percent of "pro-lifers" say yes.
  • What about #MeToo? Hahahahahahahahaha, "pro-lifers" do not like that, and by "that," we men being held accountable for rape.

And so forth.

As Jill Filipovic explains at The Guardian, the misogynistic roots of the so-called "pro-life" movement were pretty obvious at its conception, when fundamentalist Christians implanted themselves on the issue after it became more socially unacceptable for them to say what really motivated their movement, which was white supremacy. So in the 1970s after Roe v. Wade, they regrouped and decided what to latch on to, and surprise, they saw SLUTS:

[E]vangelicals didn't seem to think much about abortion until an earlier pet issue, racial segregation, began to fall out of favor. Around the same time, women's social roles were rapidly changing. The birth control pill brought with it an avalanche of opportunities and freedoms, and women, finally fully able to have sex for fun and prevent pregnancy, took full advantage. The ability to delay a pregnancy – and later, the ability to legally end one – meant that women didn't have to choose between romance and ambition (and it meant women could be choosier about romance, making a more considered decision about who and whether to marry).

This undermined the whole rightwing Christian project, which was, and remains, thoroughly invested in a nuclear family with a father at the head.

But, as Filipovic explains, just like it was hard for rightwing Christians to say out loud that they were really mad about desegregation -- so mad, in fact, that they started segregation academies, also known as white Christian private schools that all mysteriously seemed to open not long after Brown v. Board of Education -- it also was hard for them to just scream "SLUTS!" So they inserted euphemisms like "choose life" and so on, which made it easier for them to pretend they didn't simply hate women, and thus they were off to the races.

The point is that the religious right, at its heart, is about racism and misogyny, and always has been.

This has been another episode of "Shit You Knew Already, But It's Good To Take A Refresher Course Every Now And Then."

[Supermajority/PerryUndem / Guardian / h/t Abortion Access Force on Facebook]

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