House Democrats Vote Against Republican-Obama Tax Plan

House Democrats Vote Against Republican-Obama Tax Plan

The House Democratic Caucus voted, in a "virtually unanimous" fashion,against President Obama's compromise tax deal in a closed-door meeting today, despite the plan being made by and for Republicans. Seriously, what is with House Democrats these days? Did they become the smoke monster? And what if the White House continues to pretend their compromise is perfect, the entire cast of Full House endorses it, and it should never be changed? The Senate seems like they may accept it. But Rep. Peter DeFazio, who sponsored this resolution, says otherwise: "Well, they're not going to get a bill if they don't."

"[Biden] basically said, 'Take it or leave it,' " DeFazio said. "We left it. It's up to them."

But, of course, this resolution is not binding or anything. And it seems many members of Congress aren't sure what to do about all of this and might just cave when things get complicated and drawn-out and it becomes harder to predict what SCARY THINGS Republican opponents could attack them with in the future. Because, after all, these are Democrats we are talking about. Caving is in their DNA. Cave paintings have been discovered in Europe depicting Democrats cutting off their own limbs to feed to bears they run across. [The Hill]


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