House GOP Already Failing According To New Standard John Boehner Just Made Up


"How is John Boehner helping House Republicans ruin the government today, along with my access to health care and possibly my ability to put food on my family?" you might be wondering.

The answer is, of course, "Same as yesterday, mostly, only now he is speaking openly about it on Sunday yap shows":

 House Speaker John Boehner says Congress "ought to be judged on how many laws we repeal" [because] the U.S. has "more laws than the administration could ever enforce."

An excellent idea from a man who could not pass his ass with both hands!..Or IS it? Would Boehner benefit from such a bizarre metric?

The answer is no, he would not.

For the purposes of critical analysis, we evaluated how the House is doing so far this year based on how many bills they repealed, and were not terribly shocked to learn that they are not doing too well! Behold, the tally of laws they have tried and failed to repeal:

Bills the House Has Repealed So Far This Year:

May 22: the House agreed to an Amendment that would repeal or reduce the estate tax, but only if done in a fiscally responsible way.

June 20: the House voted to repeal an amendment that would establish the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center.

Both of those actually passed the Senate, too, so yay for keeping America safe from improved sheep. It is a well known fact that sheep are thugs, some of whom may even wear hoodies.

Bills the House Has Tried to Repeal So Far This Year, and Failed at Repealing:

March 22: the House failed to establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund to permanently eliminate the Federal estate tax

May 22: the House rejected an amendment HR 1947, which was an attempt to repeal the nutrition entitlement programs and establish a nutrition assistance block grant program.

June 19: the House rejected an amendment to HR 1947, which was attempt to repeal Section 3102, which reauthorizes the Market Access Program (MAP) until 2018

June 19: the House failed to repeal a permanent law from the Agriculture Act of 1949 that pertains to dairy support.

June 20: the House failed to repeal the Biodiesel Fuel Education Program which awards federal grants to educate fleet operators and the public on the benefits of using biodiesel fuels, instead of fossil fuels.

And of course, the House has tried and failed to repeal Obamacare six different times.

In sum: Republicans have, in spite their best efforts, failed to take away health insurance, reduce aid to hungry and poor Americans, and withhold federal grants to producers of clean energy, but they HAVE taken away the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center.

Good work guys! We look forward to another half-year of sustained effort!

[HuffPo / GovTrack ]

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