House GOP Passes Ryan Budget, Offers To Help Democrats Write Campaign Ads For Fall

The House of Representatives voted 219-205 to approve the terriblePaul Ryan budget plan that everyone agrees doesn't have a chance in the Senate and, for that matter, isn't even likely to result in any actual spending bills in the House. But the sucker has been passed, and that's an achievement right there; since it got more votes than the White House budget plan -- which was rejected 413-2 -- then obviously the Republicans won, and America has spoken. You just can't hear what America said too clearly since the House has the Koch Brothers' dicks in their mouths.

But would you believe there are some who scoff -- and indeed, jeer -- at the very serious prospects for this budget to eliminate the deficit in ten years? For instance, there is Rep. Charles Rangel, who, for all his sleazy corrupty spring break shenanigans, is kind of dead-on in this critique of the House GOP:

“They’re not legislating. They’re not passing a budget to help work with the Senate in order to get this great country moving forward. They’re sending a political message,” he said on MSNBC. “They know it’s not going to pass, they know they’re not going to get rid of Obamacare.”

Also, too, speaking of that, here's a nice little chart from Vox, which took a break from telling us what marijuana is and put together a pretty good explainer on the Ryan budget's miracle plan for cutting spending forever:

Oh. So if somehow they don't kill off Obamacare, then their savings over 10 years vanish? Plus, there's going to be all those people pissed about losing their coverage... which they won't be, seeing as how there's no way Obamacare is going anywhere.

Still, there's one definite good thing that's likely to come out of this newly passed pointless exercise in stroking the Tea Party: It's likely to make for some pretty good ads for Democrats this fall.

Democrats already have begun highlighting the budget cuts of $145 billion to education, $90 billion to Pell grants for college and $125 billion to food stamps.

The Ryan budget also would repeal Obamacare, strip away $792 billion for Medicaid expansion and privatize Medicare, turning it into subsidies that the elderly could use to buy private insurance plans.

"This will be the defining issue in the midterm elections," [Rep. Steve] Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said last week.

Frankly, we're also looking forward to whatever the Republicans have to say about women and their slutty, slutty desire to have insurance for their mysterious nether regions.

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