How Are Women To Blame For The Mass Murders They Don't Commit?

How Are Women To Blame For The Mass Murders They Don't Commit?

Within the past month, we have had two major mass shootings committed by angry young men — one, a white supremacist radicalized by 4chan and angered by the same things that Tucker Carlson gets outraged over every night on FOX and another with a history of being aggressive and inappropriate with girls he knew. So who is to blame for all this, really? Women. Feminists in particular.

While at least this time they're not claiming, Jordan Peterson-style, that these shootings could have been prevented by "enforcing" monogamy in order to make it easier for violent psychopaths to score a girlfriend, there's no shortage of Twitter threads about how these tragedies happen because women don't know their place anymore, because feminists murdered masculinity and won't let any boys be "courageous" anymore, or because single mothers ... exist.

Yes, that is correct, the same people who want to take our reproductive rights away are also pretty sure that single mothers are to blame for all of society's problems, mass shooters in particular.

Men on Twitter blaming mass shootings on single mothers

This week, no one has gone harder on the "women are definitely to blame for all of this" jag than former ESPN person turned rightwing pundit Jason Whitlock (who, to be fair, also blames people who thought it was bad that the police murdered George Floyd).

In an appearance on Jesse Watters's Fox show Thursday night, Whitlock explained how the reason these men are going on murder sprees is because we are all attacking masculinity and traditional male values at the behest of "pansies" in Northern California who run social media sites. That isn't really a thing, but let's hear him out.

Transcript via Media Matters:

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): What do you think is the main factor in our culture that's triggering this kind of rise in mass shootings, especially at schools?

JASON WHITLOCK (BLAZETV HOST): Cowardice. Fear and cowardice. Our culture is controlled by fear and cowardice. Masculinity, traditional male values, are under attack. There's — it's not any mystery why young boys are confused, angry, confused about their identity, angry at the world. Their natural instincts have been under attack probably the last 50, 60 years and most acutely in the last 15 to 20 years since we turned over our culture to the pansies in northern California and their social media apps.

They're imposing their view of the world, their standard for manhood on the rest of us. And we men have been cowards and have taken it. And so I look at that — your opening segment, and people are wondering why the police didn't do anything, didn't run in. They exist in a culture totally controlled by fear and cowardice.

We haven't created a culture that supports men doing what comes natural to them — protecting women and children. That's what comes natural to us when we're allowed to be men. But this new culture we've built is set up to totally annihilate, eliminate our natural instincts and make us think, oh, the people in northern California know better than God about what a man is and what a man should do. Men, boys, under attack. They're acting out angrily and we are too cowardly to do anything about it.

You know what seems super cowardly to me? Needing women to pretend to need your protection in order to feel like a man.

We had four years of what people like Jesse Watters and Jason Whitlock would consider a shining example of masculinity and traditional manhood in the White House. There are manly men like them constantly whining about how no one will let men be manly and courageous, complaining about Wet Ass Pussy, talking about how frightened they are by LGBTQ people or how excited they will be when birth control and abortions are outlawed so they will never again be subjected to recreational non-procreative sex with a heterosexual woman, and watching Tucker Carlson documentaries about manhood featuring ripped men taking bubble baths outside. What more could any of these young men need?

I mean, we know the Buffalo shooter wasn't hanging out on Twitter so much as he was hanging out on 4chan — which, apart from being extremely racist, is also unbelievably misogynistic.

Perhaps they need to watch more videos of Jason Whitlock complaining about how very threatened he is by women in power? You know, if they really want to be macho enough to not shoot up a school and/or grocery store.

Whitlock also blamed this supposed "cowardice" culture for the fact that police didn't go into the school to rescue the children, tweeting, "We've promoted cowardice and demonized masculinity and we're shocked when we see cowardice."

As mentioned, he also believes that the police officers would have rushed into the school to rescue the children had people given them a pass on killing George Floyd, tweeting, "I'm not defending the actions of the officers. But we've demonized law enforcement to the point that there are far fewer rewards for being a hero, for taking risks. When your culture makes George Floyd the hero, real heroes stand down. Cultural rot has consequences."

I'm not really sure how courageous it is to need accolades and rewards and for other people to behave a certain way in order for one to not be a "coward." It kind of seems like the opposite of that to me, but perhaps that is because I am a woman and therefore stupid and evil.

Whitlock was not the only one on this jag. Joining him, unsurprisingly, was Matt Walsh, who tweeted, "Can't tell you how depressing it is that cops in Texas of all places were cowering outside while a maniac executed 19 children. We are witnessing the death of courage and masculinity in this culture."

It should be noted that literally no one is stopping anyone from doing masculinity, whatever it is they think that means. I honestly cannot say I care what they do, so long as they don't get in my face or expect anyone to be forced to go along with them. They can dress like the Brawny man, play sports, do all the 1950s LARPing they want in their own families, and no one will give a shit — as long as they don't demand the rest of us go along with them.

Whitlock's fellow BlazeTV commentator Allie Beth Stuckey also tweeted about how failing to promote "fatherhood, hard work and honor" and denying "innate gender differences" is what is leading these men to go on murder sprees.

Just to be clear — while mass shootings are a more recent phenomenon, male violence is definitely not. Serial killers, also known to have some issues with women, have been in steep, steep decline in the US for three decades now. Discover magazine reports that "189 people in the U.S. died by the hands of a serial killer in 1987, compared to 30 in 2015." Violent crime has also sharply declined since the early 1990s. The only thing that has really increased has been these mass shootings, which for the most part have been committed by misogynists or racists.

Clearly, most of these shooters are listening to people like Jason Whitlock and Matt Walsh a hell of a lot more than they are listening to people like me or to "pansies in North California," so perhaps they are the ones who need to be working on teaching them the gentlemanly art of not murdering a bunch of children at school or Black people at a grocery store.

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