Does Laura Ingraham Have Any Regret Where Her Soul Should Be This Morning?

Does Laura Ingraham Have Any Regret Where Her Soul Should Be This Morning?

Former Washington state trooper Robert LaMay, 50, died last week from COVID-19. He had famously quit the job he’d held for two decades because Governor Jay Inslee had required that state employees get vaccinated against a highly contagious virus that had already killed hundred of thousands of Americans. LaMay would still have his job and, according to all reputable science, his own life if he’d just taken a free and safe vaccine.

Senator Rand Paul might think news like this sends liberals dancing in the streets like David Bowie and Mick Jagger, but this is nothing less than a tragedy. It’s a needless, preventable death.

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LaMay was hospitalized for weeks and was on a ventilator when he succumbed to the virus on Friday. His cousin Jeffrey Thomas told The Daily Beast: "I was kind of in shock. I thought it was maybe from the flu or something. I was kind of shocked that it was COVID-related.”

COVID-19 has killed a reported 882,964 Americans, and Thomas assumed his unvaccinated cousin was fighting off a bad flu? Jesus Christ, I can’t even.

Maybe I’m a chump, but I feel sorry for the poor bastard who'd announced his resignation last October in a pouty video from his cruiser: “This is the last time you’ll hear me in a patrol car and Jay Inslee can kiss my ass.”

Days after he quit, professional terrible person Laura Ingraham had LaMay on her white power hour. She told him: "Now it's fine for you to be out there patrolling unvaccinated for the last 19 months. But now, I guess you're just not wanted, not needed, not wanted."

There was literally no vaccine for most of 2020, and it was never fine that cops were unvaccinated. Democratic leaders just assumed people would take the damn vaccine eventually and mandates wouldn’t be necessary. However, it was Ingraham and her Fox News buddies who helped create this problem.

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It's certainly possible that without a massive rightwing disinformation campaign, LaMay would’ve still refused the vaccine, but in his interviews, there’s no indication that LaMay believed he would sacrifice his life for ... whatever cause this is.

LaMay told Ingraham:

You know, I'm overwhelmed. I really am. I'm a pretty private person. And my son's in the military and I'm like, 'son, this is what's happening.' He goes, 'all right, dad, I'm going black.' We're just trying to put our feet on the ground and it's funny, we're very religious people, and we prayed about all this when this first started, you know, 'Lord, what do you want us to do? And what's our path.'

"We've had applications out of state and all types of stuff, but Lord never really pointed us to one point. So we said, 'okay, maybe this is the fight.' Well, then that came out and it went viral and I'm like, this is where you want us to do right now. So I'm the spokesperson for thousands and thousands. I even say millions of people. I think there's 2 million people that have actually viewed it. It's been 99 percent positive from everybody. I think this is my path right now. There's a lot of job offers that I'm getting phenomenal job offers…”

I’m admittedly an atheist, but I’d seriously consider following any path the Lord supposedly sets out for you. This is the same guy whose big plan involved his son’s brutal beating and barbaric execution. LaMay reportedly said he was waiting for a sign from God that he should take the vaccine but never received it. The vaccine was developed in less than a year, which those who are so inclined might consider “miraculous.”

Will LaMay’s senseless death generate any remorse in the empty cavern that once housed Ingraham’s soul? It’s one thing to oppose vaccine mandates, but it’s another to actively undermine public faith in life-saving vaccines. Ingraham is vaccinated. LaMay was not. Only one of them is alive today.

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