How Petty Is President Whinyass's Coup? This Petty.

Quick postscript to our post yesterday about how Donald Trump is pulling some kind of idiot-ass coup, firing all the halfway qualified people at the Pentagon and replacing them with the alternates from Devin Nunes's MENSA chapter.

Bill Kristol, who has always been your favorite pundit (don't lie), reports that he talked to his Defense Department contacts and found out what Trump did after he fired Mark Esper and the rest of the officials who just lost their jobs.

You ready for the saddest, most manbaby whinyass thing that has ever happened since the last time Donald Trump did a manbaby whinyass thing?

Read the whole thread but focus on number four there. When Jim Anderson, the acting undersecretary for Policy, was fired, Pentagon people did the thing they always do to people they've served under and respected: They gave him a "clap-out."

And manbaby whinyass Trump, or his manbaby whinyass minions, found out about it and were so manbaby whinyass about it that they asked for a list of people who clapped, so they could also fire those people. Every time we think Donald Trump couldn't possibly be more pathetic ...


In our post yesterday, we discussed possible reasons why Trump is doing this dime store coup. Trying to install the most slobbering loyalists he can at the Pentagon so maybe they will Just Follow Orders and do some military coup shit for him? Maybe, but let's not give the Stable Genius ideas. Throwing all the idiots into agencies that might have incriminating intelligence or evidence against him, to shred it before Joe Biden's new sheriffs come to town? Quite possibly, but it seems like that could be icing on the cake.

David Ignatius reported in the Washington Post yesterday that it's even stupider than all that, and on top of how Ignatius tends to be HIGHLY CORRECT when he reports things — he was the first to report Trump was extorting Ukraine for personal sexual favors, even before the whistleblower complaint — Ignatius's reporting has the beauty of being so exactly in line with the absent character and laser-pointer-obsessed brain wizardry of Donald Trump, we're just pissed we didn't figure it out first. He wants to declassify "intel" that he thinks "proves" that Russia didn't help him steal his first election, and he needs those dipshits installed in key positions to get away with it. Yes, in the year 2020, after Trump just lost his second election by a country mile to Joseph Robinette Biden, Trump is still obsessed with "proving" that he won the first time all by himself, which is both 1) not true and 2) something he's incapable of doing, because he's a born and bred loser.

Marcy Wheeler has some more analysis of exactly what the "intel" is that Trump wants to declassify, and surprise, it appears it's more Russian disinformation, just like the garbage "intel" dumb dick Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified recently. Indeed, Wheeler refers to declassifying this Kremlin propaganda "intel" as Trump's "consolation prize" for Vladimir Putin. We'd explain it to you but we don't have the goddamned energy for this shit right now.


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