How Will Media Totally Avoid Useful News Coverage of May Day Protests?


Hooray, tomorrow is Kleptocracy Sucks Day! This, of course, is every day, but tomorrow Occupy Wall Street and labor unions are organizing actions all across the country for May Day to call attention to the crushing economic injustice forcing millions of unemployed, underemployed or over-employed "part-time" workers with multiple underpaid jobs to turn on their teevees and their YouTubes at night and get a lecture from Mitt Romney on how much their jealousy of his wealth offends him while President Hope runs off to drone bomb another crowd of women and children attending a funeral in Pakistan, for freedom. The best advice here is to actually go to one of these events if you want to know what is happening, since the odds are good that Wednesday's newspapers are going to be plastered with pictures of kittens instead of actual news reports on the protests. How will America's corporate news outlets manage coverage this time?

For some idea, we can perhaps look at the instance from last fall where instead of a picture of New York City councilmember Ydanis Rodriguez being brutalized by the NYPD, a news editor instead chose to run a photo of that same councilmember having a friendly conversation with cops, since that is more newsworthy! This latter editorial decision, made by bland irrelevant periodical Time Magazine, is now the subject of a lawsuit being brought by several NYC city council members who discovered the decision to run the less inflammatory photo was made at the city's request, hahahaha. And Time allegedly listened!

From Gothamist:

Attorney Leo Glickman, who represented Councilmember [Ydanis] Rodriguez after the arrest, tells us, "That night [of Rodriguez's arrest] we saw on Time magazine's website photographs of the story, with Ydanis being held down by police in riot gear. We sent the link around, and then noticed that within hours it was changed. A source at Time Magazine told us that someone called from the city asking them to change it because it was inflammatory. It was replaced by a very innocuous photo of Ydanis speaking to a police officer about something completely unrelated. This lawsuit will set out to prove that the city pressured Time magazine to remove the photo."

This is what you will see on the news, tomorrow. Kittens and reassuring images of elected officials speaking cordially with their cops -- all is well in America!

But banks know better! The panicky overlords have been trying to figure out how to handle this national expression of disgust since January according to this Bloomberg News report, which they will accomplish by "working with one another and police to gather intelligence" on protesters and has been helpfully framed as, uh, a war on the new terrorists, America's evil struggling workers:

Spokesmen for Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Citigroup Inc. (C), Morgan Stanley (MS), UBS AG (UBSN) and Credit Suisse Group AG (CSGN) wouldn’t describe security measures for the protests. One likened commenting to telling al-Qaeda about the bank’s continuity plans.

Should be fun! Don't forget to send us your pictures, stories, etc. [Gothamist/Bloomberg]

Beautiful May Day poster by Hugh D'Andrade. Visit him on Flickr!

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Yeah, that's definitely a repurposed animatronic Hillary (YouTube)

A whole bunch of protests were held today against the fake "president's" fake "emergency" declaration, with people turning out in cold crappy weather to call attention to the general nastiness of the guy who claims he absolutely had to do that declaration that wasn't necessary. Organizers with said over 250 rallies were planned nationwide. So far, the national State Of Emergency doesn't appear to have caused any of the rallies to be cancelled, despite the very real possibility that terrified Honduran refugees fleeing violence in Central America might suddenly show up and ask for asylum.

Are there still actions taking place in your area? Check at MoveOn!

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Before Manafort pleaded guilty and signed up as a cooperating witness who didn't actually cooperate, we wrote this:

We have always kind of figured that Paul Manafort is the one who knows the whole Trump-Russia conspiracy story. He was the first big fish indicted, and they hit him for A LOT. Also note that just about all the other prosecutions that have come from the Mueller investigation so far have been farmed out by Mueller to different jurisdictions. Manafort, on the other hand, Mueller has kept squarely in his office. There has to be a reason for that.

Perhaps it's because, as this Josh Marshall podcast suggests, Paul Manafort, a foreign agent who worked for Oleg Deripaska, AKA Putin's favorite oligarch, and who got sideways financially with Deripaska, was literally sent into the Trump campaign by the Kremlin to do its dirty work. Perhaps the Steele Dossier is right when it suggests that the entire Trump-Russia election-stealing conspiracy was run by Manafort on the Trump side, and that others like (perhaps!) Michael Cohen only had to take over when Manafort's shit started to stink and the news media started reporting on his weird-ass Russian connections in the summer of 2016.

If it's possible, we are beginning to suspect it may be even worse than that.

On Friday, special counsel Robert Mueller issued his sentencing recommendations for Manafort, after DC district court Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled conclusively that the shady motherfucker very intentionally lied and blew up his cooperating agreement. Because Manafort defaulted, Mueller is no longer bound to recommend that Manafort's sentence be reduced, and is free to throw the book right at Manafort's face. HARD.

And that is what Mueller did! To be clear, the sentencing memo is harsh.

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