Hurricane Or Tornado? Trump Or DeSantis? These Are All Crappy Options.

Florida was busy fascisting last week, and the state's wannabe despot Gov. Ron DeSantis was off testing his authoritarian revue for a national tour. People might think that Republicans bills banning the Democratic Party or demanding that political bloggers register with the state are just goofy stunts intended to "troll" the libs, but political strategist Rachel Bitecofer didn't hesitate linking them all directly to the last big fascist putsch. She tweeted Wednesday, "Everyone wonders how the Nazis were able to take over a democratic country. The answer is they made their main opposition party illegal, arrested their members of the Reichstag, then voted in the Enabling Act ... They used outrage over the Reichstag fire to argue the communists were preparing to launch a revolution and that all their efforts were preemptive national security. The Enabling Act put the entire system on the sidelines (think martial law)." And she wasn't done: "Once our fascism problem becomes 'obvious', it'll be too late to stop it."



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Despite all the madness occurring in Florida, which DeSantis has actively promoted or at least supports, the media seems intent on minimizing his threat. We covered that annoying New York Times op-ed, "My Fellow Liberals Are Exaggerating the Dangers of Ron DeSantis." The only thing that's been exaggerated is the author Damon Linker's supposed "liberalism."

Agreeing with Linker, conservative Charlie Sykes at The Bulwark insists that "No, DeSantis Is Not Worse Than Trump" because "no one is."

As objectionable as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may be (and he ranks remarkably high on both the authoritarian/assh*le meter), Trump continues to be a unique threat.

If white people put Trump back in the White House, he'll be 78 when he starts his next term. DeSantis would be 46 in 2024 and could legally serve two terms. I was never a big fan of weddings, but I usually preferred the ones where I could catch a cab home once people started dancing as opposed to the crueler events where they bus you out to the middle of nowhere and no one can leave until they shut off the lights. Those are objectively the worst.

Trump reminds me of Anthony Fremont, the six-year-old “monster” in the “Twilight Zone” episode “It’s A Good Life.”

Anthony isn’t evil. He’s a spoiled child with absolute power that makes it impossible to control him. The argument goes that children are little sociopaths and their parents’ job is to teach them empathy. That's hard when the child can wish people into a "corn field."

Trump, of course, lacks Anthony’s innocence. He is a genuine monster. Anthony says, “I hate anybody who doesn't like me.” That’s true of Trump, who freaked out when celebrities such as Christy Teigen and Jimmy Kimmel criticized him. He tried to wish them to the corn field, as well. It’s telling that Trump, when pressuring Mike Pence to go along with his coup, said, “I don’t want to be your friend anymore if you don’t do this.” That is toddler having a tantrum.

Yet, DeSantis is just as petty and sadistic as Trump. He might not rage tweet, but he openly targets for retribution anyone who dares defy him. He's not a "normal" politician, and the media and Never Trumpers insisting otherwise is disturbing. Trump claims he "made" DeSantis, but he definitely succeeding in making DeSantis more palatable to people who should know better. As Rachel Bitecofer warned about fascism, once it becomes obvious to Never Trumpers that DeSantis is simply a monster of a different stripe, it'll be too late to stop him. We'll all be in the corn field.

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