I Am Mad About A Thing: Federal Money To Tell Kids To Shut Their Legs For Jesus

You know what is a terrific way to waste millions of dollars? Teaching kids that the only thing they need to know about sex is to just not do that. If you're looking to invest money in something proven to be utterly ineffective, and in fact harmful, abstinence-only education is the thing for you.

We know, because of all the studies and also Bristol Palin and now another fine example of how abstinence-only education leads to being 17 and pregnant, that teaching kids to just not do that does not keep them from doing that -- not even when they have creepy cotillions for Christ where they promise their daddies they will definitely not do that before marriage, wink wink.

We also know that these programs outright lie to kids to scare them away from doing sex, which is mean and dumb and still doesn’t work -- unless the goal is to increase the risk of unintended pregnancy and disease among these kids, in which case, yeah, the plan is going swimmingly.



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