IBM Punches Gov. Bobby Jindal In Scrotum Sac Over Gay-Hating Executive Order

You are probably so excited about this post, because the mere idea of ANY person, place or thing punching Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal in the nuts -- metaphorically, of course -- brings unfettered joy into the hearts of all patriotic Americans. Last month, Jindal was reeling from the fact that the Louisiana legislature wasn't willing to heap embarrassment upon the state, by passing a fake "religious freedom" law, similar to the Fuck The Gays laws that passed, and were subsequently gutted by big business and butthurt Republicans, in Arkansas and Indiana. But because Jindal is probably the stupidest governor in US America (and also thinks he has a shot in hell of winning the GOP presidential nomination LOL), he decided to go ahead and issue an executive order, saying that Louisiana is TOO the Fuck The Gays state, and not just in the fun sexy way that happens in New Orleans.

Many were pissed off at the time -- for instance, Marriott and most of the city of New Orleans -- and now IBM has decided to be the first to do something concrete, if symbolic, to make clear that Bobby Jindal's "traditional values" bigotry and dumbassery are out of step with the company's corporate ethics, by canceling a big celebratory ribbon-cutting event for the new IBM National Service Center in Baton Rouge. We guess it's too late to pull out now, but that doesn't mean IBM has to be happy about it:

The technology giant IBM voiced "strong opposition" to Louisiana's so-called religious freedom legislation as far back as mid-April.

In a letter to the governor, IBM executives said the legislation cut at the very heart of what their company stands for, equal rights and opportunity for everyone, discrimination for no one. The letter implored Jindal not to support any agenda that protected discrimination against LGBT people.

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But Jindal didn't listen, so boom, he got punched, right in his ball sac.

Jindal had previously cried and bitched in the New York Times about how he wasn't going to be like those other pussy boy Republican governors, who caved to the demands of corporations, which are mostly concerned about the bottom line and attracting the best and brightest talent. And unfortunately, one of the greatest misunderstandings wingnut Americans have about life is that they think THEY are the "best and brightest." Sorry, guys, but the Fortune 500 is of a different opinion, finding that it's better business to be open and welcoming to all people, EVEN the homos. And of course, 61 percent of Americans support marriage equality, so Big Bidness is simply siding with the mainstream of America.

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So, enjoy getting nut-punched continuously, Gov. Jindal, in case other companies see what IBM is doing and think, "Ooh, we want a turn nut-punching Jindal, let us at him!"

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