White House Mansplains 'Border' And 'Crime' To Kamala Harris, Who Might Possibly Have Heard Of Those Before

Oh, come the fuck on!

It's not just the wild impropriety of using the official White House Twitter account to attack two sitting Senators, both of whom are lawyers and understand the law perfectly well.

It's not that they call human beings animals and pretend that their Gestapo kidnapping force is actually fighting crime. Although it's that, too.

It's not even that they tried to mansplain law enforcement to a former prosecutor and attorney general of a quite large border state, which is preposterous on its face.

Via ICE.gov

Look a little closer at the article they used to "school" Senators Warren and Harris.

ERO officers removed Frank Adonay GonzalezValdez, an El Salvadoran national with MS-13 affiliations, June 15 and transferred him to the custody of El Salvadoran law enforcement authorities upon his arrival in his home country. Gonzalez was initially encountered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection Sept. 13 when he tried to enter the U.S. without a valid nonimmigrant visa. He was entered into removal proceedings, and on May 15, an immigration judge issued him a removal order. Days later, ICE was notified that Gonzalez was the subject of an active arrest warrant in El Salvador for affiliation with terrorist organizations (MS-13).

ERO officers removed Andrew Wall, an Irish national and member of the organized crime syndicate "Cock-Wall Gang," June 19 and transferred him to the custody of local authorities at Ireland's Dublin Airport. Wall served time for manslaughter in his home country and was wanted there for possession of articles that can be used in theft. He entered the U.S. through the Visa Waiver Program, but failed to depart by Feb. 1. 2017, in accordance with the terms of his admission. On Dec. 20, 2017, he was arrested for shoplifting and employing a juvenile in the commission of a crime in South Plainfield, New Jersey. In January 2018, ERO arrested him on immigration violations and confirmed he had outstanding warrants in Ireland.

They made sure to get "manslaughter" and "Salvadoran MS-13 affiliate" in the title. But they had to stick a white dude from Ireland in there to make it sound like they're saving the country from dangerous criminals. In reality, they picked up the Central American at the border -- where he was moving zero "weapons, drugs, and victims" -- and were getting ready to deport him when the Salvadoran government said, "Hey, we think this guy might be MS-13." And then ICE thanked White Jesus that, while they were ripping babies out of their mothers' arms, they'd inadvertently stumbled on one of those scary brown people the Dotard is always screaming about.

Even better, cops in New Jersey had arrested a 42-year-old Irish guy for shoplifting with a kid. Turns out, he'd overstayed his visa and had an extensive criminal history back in Ireland. But shit, call his Traveller Family of three brothers the "Cock-Wall Gang" and put him in the same article as the Salvadoran kid, and badda bing badda boom there's your press release!

YA BURNT, Ladies! Gotta kidnap babies and hold them for ransom to keep the world safe from white dudes wanted for possession of lock-picking kits.

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