Idiot Rep. Darrell Issa Won't Let Obama Kill All The Cherokee By Closing Gitmo

Not a happy Camp Delta-er

We haven't heard from Rep. Darrell Issa much since he got the Benghazi knocked out of him a while back, but he's determined to get his snarling face on the TV news from time to time so he can warn us of the latest danger that the president of the United States poses to the United States. Now that President Obama has announced plans to shut down the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, which would involve transferring between 30 and 60 of the detainees to federal or military prisons in the U.S., Issa was quick to warn on Fox News that the president's plan is totally illegal, unconstitutional, and dangerous. What's more, Issa said, it's pretty much the same as Andrew Jackson's deadly relocation of the Cherokee tribe on the "Trail of Tears," in which as many as 4000 Cherokee died while being force marched to Oklahoma in the 1830s.

Issa vowed that Congress would oppose any relocation of Gitmo detainees to U.S. soil in the courts, because as Jon Stewart said years ago, Congress believes that the prison is full of X-Men who will surely use their mutant Radical Islamic Terror superpowers to escape and wreak havoc on the mainland. Worse, we might have to treat them as if they have rights! Problem is, Issa explained, while the courts are deciding, Barack "Lawless" Obama might even ignore the courts:

It's an old example, but Andy Jackson, the founder of the Democratic Party if you will, in the Trail of Tears defied the Supreme Court and marched Native Americans to their deaths. The fact is, it is very hard to stop a president from doing something if he's willing to ignore the law and his Oath.

Which is great when it's a Republican president, but very bad when it's Barack Obama. Issa emphasized that if Obama orders Guantanamo closed, that would be the most illegal order he's given since he recklessly endangered national security by forcing Marines to hold umbrellas for him and some foreign dude. Clearly, said Issa, this would be a huge conflict for military officers: "Are they going to obey an unlawful order, an unlawful order to move people from Guantanamo, an unlawful order to close the base?"

More to the point, will the prisoners be allowed to march to Oklahoma and run away? Issa added that closing a prison that's been notorious for torture would place military officers in exactly the same moral dilemma faced by those who participated in the genocide of Native Americans:

Remember, the Trail of Tears was only possible, the murder of those Native Americans was only possible, because in fact the military obeyed an order in violation of the U.S. Supreme Court. So, do I believe that the military may push back on the president if he's giving an unlawful order? Actually, I do. I can see flag officers resigning rather than obeying a clearly unlawful order.

[contextly_sidebar id="tQQyX6pJhRRJ23KqRZuojC44DKKzdLwx"]Yes, the historical parallels are uncanny. Then again, as our history books for Christian homeschoolers remind us, the Trail of Tears had its good side, too:

Christian missionaries accompanied the Indians on their long journey to Oklahoma, called the “Trail of Tears.” Many Cherokees were so discouraged that they were ready to lie down and die. The missionaries restored their spirits by preaching, baptizing new converts, allowing for rest on Sundays, and meeting many physical needs. God used the ”Trail of Tears” to bring many Indians to Christ.

So maybe Rep. Issa should calm down and stop worrying so much. We could simply send some missionaries along to the Gitmo detainees' new prisons to make everything OK. Maybe God would even use some Supermax facilities to bring the indefinite detainees to Christ.


Doktor Zoom

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