Idiot Republican Remembers Leonard Nimoy As Best Republican EVER!

  • For a guy who claims to be the hugest Star Trek fan in this galaxy or any other, Oregon state Rep. Bill Post is kind of a moron. After we learned last week of the death of Leonard Nimoy (not a Republican), who played the beloved (but, ahem, fictional) character of Mr. Spock (also not a Republican), Post took to the floor of the Legislature to pay tribute to an actor-slash-fictional-character who was, apparently, a better Republican than even Abraham Lincoln, St. Ronald Reagan, or Martin Luther King, Jr.:

    Today is a sad day in history. Today the greatest Republican in the history of the galaxy -- he was a legal alien, who believed in prosperity -- passed away. Leonard Nimoy.

    At the risk of insulting the intelligence of our readers by superfluously pointing out the obvious, as Addicting Info notes:

    Of course, neither Spock nor Nimoy were Republicans. Star Trek is pro-science and about a big government in search of a utopian society. Its themes were equality (although the original Star Trek was sexist) and peace. There was no money on the Starship Enterprise. There were no rich or poor. All basic needs were provided for, including health care.

    One of Spock’s most famous quotes was, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

    But oh well, what's reality got to do with anything, especially when you're trying to honor the memory of Leonard Spock, who cared nothing about reality or logic? Like he always never said: live long, prosper, and vote Republican!

  • This, from NASA astronaut Terry W. Virts, is a much better tribute, don't ya think?
  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is retaliating against the United States government for banning certain Venezuelans from entry into America by saying, "Oh yeah? Same to you!" Including these particular Americans:

    Maduro also banned a number of prominent U.S. citizens from entering the country, adding George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, the former head of the CIA George Tenent and some members of Congress to a "terrorist list."

    Can't say we blame him. We don't want those guys in our country either.

  • Please note that protecting your precious snowflakes from coming within a 1,000-mile radius of peanuts might actually be bad for them:

    Children are much less likely to develop peanut allergies if they are frequently fed peanuts, according to a new study published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine. [...]

    The trial looked at two groups of children — those who were determined to be mildly sensitive to peanuts through a skin prick test, and those who didn't show sensitivity.

    Parents of half of the children in each group were asked to feed them foods with peanuts in them at least three times a week, starting between four months and eleven months old. (They were given peanut products, not whole peanuts, which aren't safe for small children to eat.) The other parents were asked to keep their children from eating all peanut products until they turned five.

    The results were remarkable. Seventeen percent of the children who had avoided peanuts developed peanut allergies. But only three percent of children who were fed peanuts developed peanut allergies.

  • Our friends at Happy Nice Time People explain why the new rules for The Emmys make no sense. For example:

    New rule: Miniseries will now be called “limited series”

    That’s right, miniseries will be now officially known as “limited series.” I don’t know why the name change for miniseries sorry, limited series came about. I guess the “mini” part made the Academy feel a need to overcompensate for something, if you know what I mean. I mean, technically the category name is going back to its original roots of being called “Outstanding Limited Series,” but the mini name has been effective since 1986. Why the reversal after almost 30 years?

    It is pointless name change to sound fancier and more exclusive, like how Domino’s is making “artisanal” pizzas. Shut up, Domino’s. We all know you didn’t fly to Italy to get me the mozzarella cheese on my medium pie. Stop trying to act so fancy with your fancy names and call a pepperoni pizza a pepperoni pizza and a miniseries a miniseries.

  • As digby says:

    All day long I've been hearing how unprecedented it is for anyone to be critical of Israel and how there's always been bipartisan support for Israel no matter what. For people born yesterday, that might sound reasonable. For the rest of us, not so much[.]

    Just go read it and get yourself history-lessoned.


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