Idiot Trump Lady Wishes Hillary Clinton Would Stop Doing Sexism To Donald Trump

Betsy McCaughey has thoughts to share.

One of the finest moments of this entire election came when Trump idiot economic adviser Betsy McCaughey -- yes, the death panels lady! -- said it was unfair to go after poor Donald Trump for saying he likes to grab the women by the pussy, because after all, Beyoncé says the B-word and the P-word and takes her man for a fine meal at Red Lobster after he F-words her good. Hillary Clinton likes that song, therefore that cancels out Trump's pussy-grabbing!

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Well, McCaughey is back with more #thoughts on the subject of Trump's naughty rapey talk and his groping allegations, and they are #badthoughts. She is very upset about how Hillary is MAN-SHAMING TRUMP by forcing all these ladies to pretend he did Bad Touches to them. For real. She was on CNN talking about Megyn Kelly's now-famous brawl with Newt Gingrich, and she explained the REAL problem with Kelly asking about those terrible harlot ladies and their totally dishonest accusations against the victim Trump:

I do believe that the polls show that Americans are not buying this roll out of accusers, and this bigger theme of man-shaming, and they want to get to the real issues. [...]

Americans are watching this drumbeat about these sexual accusations and they’re saying, ‘I don’t buy this, I want to hear about the economy, I want to hear about terrorism' ...

A ROLL-OUT of accusers! Like Hillary Clinton's campaign is just like Volvo, debuting its new cars for 2017. "Time to unveil some ladies who lie and say Trump did gross nasty stuff to them! Aren't they magnificent, folks? Just look at them!"

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]And MAN-SHAMING! Why must Hillary's campaign MAN-SHAME Trump, just for a little locker room talk about sexual assault, by putting Michelle Obama onstage to say she hates all men that good and decent men don't talk that way about women? Won't somebody think of the men? The white ones, preferably?

This reminds us of when Ann Coulter was pretty sure Donald Trump was the media's rape victim, and she said that before any of the pussy-grabbing revelations happened, so we bet she REALLY agrees with McCaughey here.

As Think Progress points out, Americans actually do believe Trump probably slimed his unwanted advances at all the women, so we guess Hillary's sexist man-shaming roll-out is going really great, so THANKS OBAMA, THANKS HILLARY.

[Think Progress]

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