Idiot Wingnut Chick: America's Not Racist, Except For Obama

Here America is, all fired up for yet another solemn Conversation On Race, when we don't even need to be doing that in the first place, since racism is over. The Charleston shooting was an Isolated Incident, because while individual racists still exist, America as a nation does not have any lingering institutional racism, according to Fox News contributing wingnut Katie Pavlich, who begins a column for The Hill by setting a straw man gloriously ablaze, much like the recent spate of burning black churches across the South:

In wake of the Charleston massacre in South Carolina, many on the left want us to believe America is a racist nation dominated by white supremacy and hatred for blacks.

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See, when you manufacture what "the left wants us to believe" out of the whole cloth covering your lily-white ass, it's much easier to win your wingnut argument. Does the left actually want us to believe those things? No, it's more that there is still institutional racism that makes life a lot harder for black folks. And also there are still a lot of racist, extremist fucks out there who want to kill black people dead. Do we really have to read the rest of Pavlich's idiot column? Oh fine.

Pavlich quotes President Obama's comments on Marc Maron's podcast, that "societies don’t, overnight, completely erase everything that happened 200 to 300 years prior," and it's not just about whether people are allowed to say the N-word (remember that it is NO FAIR if blacks get to say it and whites can't). Then she pulls these trenchant observations out of the windsock in her skull:

It’s interesting how those on the left ... make broad, general statements about how far we have to go on race issues but don’t give specifics about what’s left to fix. What do white churches have to do with the Charleston killer? They’ve offered support and unity. Is that something they should hang their heads over? The answer is no. And despite what Obama says, racism is not passed along in DNA through the generations. If that were the case, America wouldn’t be the tolerant, multi-racial country it is today.

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Katie Pavlich had her DNA tested recently, and didn't find one racist strand amongst the emojis and LOLcats that comprise her genetic make-up.

And yeah, yeah, yeah, slavery, WHATEVER, Pavlich is tired of hearing about it. Other countries have done it too, and also WHAT ABOUT BLACK-ON-BLACK SLAVERY?

Yes, America, like the vast majority of the rest of the world, at one time participated in slavery. While the sin of slavery is not justified, it is important to acknowledge that the sin of slavery isn’t a uniquely American sin, but rather one of mankind throughout the course of history. Further, owning slaves is not a sin unique to white people; in fact, black Africans sold other blacks into slavery (and still do today). Slavery is uniquely human, but societies and countries that respect human dignity, like America, have stopped the horrifying practice.

We should note that Pavlich is a Slavery Expert. You know what's just like slavery? Debt. And you know who doesn't want to talk about slavery? Democrats. Why? Because Democrats were the ones who did slavery, and it makes us all embarrassed-like, because then we have to admit how we are the Real Racists and Republicans are the Real Emancipators, roles which have NEVER SWITCHED PLACES IN RECORDED AMERICAN HISTORY. And there's no problem with Pavlich white-splaining slavery to everybody else, because you know WHO ELSE white-splained slavery? No, not Hitler, you dumbass, it was Republican Abraham Lincoln!

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She ties her column up with a bow, by listing off black people she's heard of, probably back in February: Barack Obama, Eric Holder (whom Pavlich knows is a RACE-HUSTLER!), Loretta Lynch, Beyoncé, Oprah, and some black Republicans. Strange that she mentions Beyoncé, after noted anti-racism activist Mike Huckabee already explained that she is a whore. (He has also explained that racism is over, because his Lord And Savior Jesus Christ has gone and made it so.)

Pavlich does not mention black presidential candidate Ben Carson, probably because he had the audacity to say that racism is NOT over. Why can't he be racially transcendent like Pavlich and Huckabee?

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But look, Wonkers, don't make fun of her in the comments, which are not allowed. She can't help it. It's not in her DNA.

[The Hill viaTalking Points Memo]



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