Idiots Wave Guns Around At Dealey Plaza To Prove Guns Never Hurt Anybody

A group of Constitution-loving patriots from Come And Take It Dallas -- not the more familiar Open Carry Texas -- gathered in Dallas's Dealey Plaza, near the grassy knoll, on July 19 (the narrator keeps saying it's "June 19," but it's July) to celebrate the Second Amendment and to grouse about foreigners, who are foreign and don't understand America or freedom. They recorded a video of themselves saying about nine million times that they aren't going to give up their guns no matter what. Also, they will not give up their guns no matter what, and in addition they will not give up their guns no matter what. It's not entirely clear what their message was, really.

The dramatis personae includes Rudy, your narrator, his wife, "Baby," and a bearded gentleman who goes by "The Texas Deacon," although he was recently promoted to "The American Deacon" in some farcical aquatic ceremony. We thought that the rifle carried by the Texas/American Deacon might be a Mannlicher-Carcano, which would be a nice touch given the location, but the still at the beginning of the video looks like it has a different stock.

Regardless of whether these fine patriots are waving around the weapon that last killed a sitting president, by golly, these good patriotic Christian Americans are not gonna take it anymore. They're distributing business cards -- courtesy of the crazy Atlah church in Harlem -- explaining that Barack Obama isn't really American, and therefore not even President, as well as other cards about how Jesus wants you to have a gun and also the Second Amendment protects all the others, which is their second favorite phrase after "we're not going to give up our guns no matter what."

Somehow, Rudy gets onto a tangent about how he's "just sick and tired" of all these terrible foreigners who come here who don't even know what American freedom is about -- for instance, he says in shocked amazement, did you know that they don't even celebrate the 4th of July in foreign countries?

Especially these folks from Britain. Now I have some good friends from Britain, [sure he does! --Dok Z] but I've talked to a lot of people from Britain that don't celebrate July the 4th, and they, they, just because you gave up your guns in Britain, and just because you gave up your guns in Australia, don't mean we're gonna give up our guns in America, we ain't givin' up our guns, no matter what, we understand what freedom is all about, and Americans don't follow the rest of the world, America was a shining city on a hill that everybody else followed*, and so I don't care what you did in Britain and I don't care what you did in Australia, we ain't givin' up our guns and I hope you get that right, and I don't care how many false flags you set up, I don't care how much propaganda Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, that usurper foreigner president, you worry about foreigners coming over the border, we got a foreigner as President! We got a foreigner that was born in Kenya with an illegal birth certificate and you guys are worried about foreigners coming over the border! [And so were you, thirty seconds ago... -- Zoom] The bottom line is, we're not givin' up our guns, this is America, this is um, you know what freedom is all about, and, uh, that's why we're down here.

A little later, after more ranting about England and Australia's designs on our guns, Rudy and Baby and the Texas Deacon join up with some Jesus people preaching about how America has become a "sexual charged society" -- which seems a good moment (8:30) for Rudy to insert one more still photo of his special Gadsden flag rifle case and Baby's pink AR-15. You figure that one out. Also, Rudy exclaims "Amen" to the preacher's suggestion that JFK probably went to hell because he wasn't saved. So: Guns, excellent; lust, bad. Hey, that actually sounds strangely familiar!

We hope you have found this video a useful explanation of why the Second Amendment keeps America free, and we will not give up our guns no matter what.

*except, of course, for the dirty foreigners who don't even celebrate the 4th of July.

[TPM / YouTube]

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