If Not For Her Meat Love, Christine O'Donnell Would Be a Krishna


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/NXclg6ZIVYc?fs=1&hl=en_US&color1=0x3a3a3a&color2=0x999999 expand=1]

Hello, clown lady, what video delight from the past are you starring in today? Oh, Bill Maher has dug up another clip from your days as a Politically Incorrect joke? Sure, we'll watch it. We love watching political talk shows from a decade ago -- that's why we always Tivo the Sunday pundit programs so we can watch them in 2020, when we're in Hell with the Devil.

Being a renowned expert and scholar of the world's religions means O'Donnell does not make the mistake made by so many dumb Americans who, if they have any thoughts about Buddhism at all, tend to believe Buddhists are all vegetarians. When Christine "dabbled" in that path, she knew it was purely a matter of choice if she continued her nightly supper of gravy-blanketed meatloaf from Boston Market and a 32-ounce Sprite. After all, she didn't kill whatever animal meatloaf comes from!

O'Donnell understands that she would've been compelled to give up her beloved anus burgers had she become an adherent of the Hare Krishna society. And this is the only reason she decided not to join that controversial western incarnation of a Hindu Vaishnava religion. Otherwise, surely she would be spending her days serving meals to the poor and quietly meditating while mumbling the famous mantra as written by George Harrison 5,000 years ago.

Meanwhile, in the New York Times today, Frank Rich is all, "Oh that O'Donnell is a Useful Idiot because she masks that the teabaggers are actually just another fake grassroots group run by billionaire fascist freaks." And O'Donnell actually gave an interview to the NYT, in which she cannot remember any senator's name beyond "DeMint," he who writes her the corporate checks from Teabagger, Inc. (She also is a big fan of Senator Hillary Clinton, who quit the Senate two years ago to become, uh, America's very well known secretary of state.) [Frank Rich/New York Times]


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