In Arizona, Glocks Selling Like Death Hotcakes Right Now


The new Silly Bandz.After seeing Rep. Gabirelle Giffords and others gunned down in Tucson on Saturday, the grieving people of Arizona came together to express a single, heartfelt sentiment: "We have to get ourselves one of those awesome gunz!" Yes, the gun shops in Arizona simply can't keep Glocks like the one allegedly used by Jared Loughner on their shelves, as Arizona was impressed by just how good that gun was at shooting people. And these gun people have to buy one of these Glocks RIGHT NOW. They're afraid they may be made illegal and they won't be able to get their hands on a great murder-kitsch conversation piece, which they can put above their kids' toys on the mantel and show off to the other non-foreclosed family in the subdivision when they come by to visit.

[Shop owner Greg] Wolff called the shooting “horrible.” Nonetheless, it has created a surge of publicity for the gun, he said.

“It’s in the news now. I’m sure the Green Bay Packers are selling all kinds of jerseys today as well,” he said. “I just think our state embraces guns.”

Yeah, same thing. One of those things is a part of a game people like to play and watch when they're drunk. The other is football. [Bloomberg, who is an independent just like Loughner, hmm]


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