In Denver, A Choom Gang Irregular Offers Barack Obama Bong Hitz 4Jesus

In Denver, A Choom Gang Irregular Offers Barack Obama Bong Hitz 4Jesus

In Denver Tuesday night, some dude asked Barack Obama“Want a hit, man?” and then rushed to Instagram the exchange, showing Obama laughing like a drug-addled jazz criminal. It's a sad day for America: You know that Mitt Romney would have instead asked the young miscreant to stop selling death sticks, whereupon the druggie would go home and rethink his life. That, or he'd bungle the lyrics to "Insane in the Membrane."

Also, too, a Denver fan of the Archie McPhee catalog greeted the President wearing a horse mask, which appeared to startle Obama, possibly triggering a flashback to his days as a member of the anticolonial cavalry in Kenya.

Here is your video of the bong hits encounter, captured by some kind soul who obviously knows that trying to embed Instagram on Wonket does weird stuff:

Not shown: the immediate aftermath, in which the President shouted "INTERCEPTION!" and dived back to grab the doobie. Then he went to the underground bunker at Denver International Airport to meet with the Illuminati.


Doktor Zoom

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