Oh this is fun. Apparently yesterday disgraced piggy Mark Sanford, who has just been getting weirder and weirder, and his opponent Elizabeth Colbert Busch had them a dee-bate! (Your Wonket abandoned you and went and did important things like yelling at the Post Office instead.) (Also, if you returned something to your Wonket -- like, maybe you ordered a Shut the Fuck Up Luke Russert coffee cup, and it arrived broken we sure hope not? -- the post office can't quite put its finger on where that "return to sender" package might be. So drop us a line please at rebecca at wonkette dot com and let us know you want a new one. NO CHEATERS.) RIGHT SO DEBATE.

The very unladylike Colbert Busch called Mark Sanford being a piggy wife cheater, and he pretended he could not hear her, because awesome strategy.

Also, according to the Twitter yesterday, Sanford kept debating Nancy Pelosi, who didn't even have the balls to show up. What are you so scared of, Pelosi? Why won't you debate Mark Sanford who is running against Elizabeth Colbert Busch?


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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