Indiana Republicans Cut to Chase, Nominate Confessed Wife Killer For Town Board

Indiana Republicans Cut to Chase, Nominate Confessed Wife Killer For Town Board

Elizabeth "Nikki" Wilhoite of Clinton Township, Indiana, went missing in March this year, just after finishing her final round of chemotherapy and filing for divorce. Her husband, Andrew Wilhoite, is accused of having murdered her after having told police he killed her by smashing a "gallon-size" cement flower pot over her head after she told him she was divorcing him over the affair he had been having. He then led police to where he had dumped her body in a creek north of Lebanon, Indiana.

Also, Andrew Wilhoite has just advanced in the Republican primary for one of the three open seats on the Clinton Township Board after getting 60 votes. The other two men running, Bradley J. Smith and Michael Young, got 110 and 106 votes, respectively.

He came in last, but the GOP had only nominated three men for the board and there were no Democratic candidates. As Clinton Township has a population of 906 and 60 of those people voted for a man who admitted to (allegedly) killing his cancer-survivor wife by smashing a gallon-size cement flower pot over her head, this is probably for the best. It's probably not a great place for Democrats to live.

This means that all three men will get a spot on the board, unless Wilhoite is convicted, in which case the Township's Republican Party will have to replace him with someone else.

“Under our legal system, every person is innocent until proven guilty,” Brad King, co-director of the Indiana Election Division told Indystar. “If a candidate is ultimately convicted, then depending upon the timing of that conviction, the person can be replaced on the ballot by the political party that has a vacancy.”

King also notes that there is nothing to say that Wilhoite would not be able to serve while incarcerated pre-trial.

According to a probable-cause affidavit obtained by The Daily Beast in March, police came to the Wilhoite house after Elizabeth Wilhoite's coworkers reported that she didn't come in to work that day. Andrew Wilhoite initially lied to police, telling them that they had a fight but that he slept in the bed and she slept on the couch and he didn't see her before she "left for work" that morning. Police wrote in the affidavit that "Andrew stated that he has hit Elizabeth in the past but did not during this particular altercation," though he did point to scratch marks on his neck to suggest to police that she had violently attacked him.

Via The Daily Beast:

“Andrew stated that he was laying in the bed and Elizabeth was flipping out,” the affidavit states. “Andrew advised that it is not the first time that an incident like this has occurred. Andrew Wilhoite stated that he’s done things to Elizabeth that he shouldn’t have before.”

He added that he had also just found out from his accountant that approximately $3,000 had been taken out of their bank account and that he had been advised that Elizabeth “had a lawyer and was filing for divorce,” the affidavit says. Wilhoite then allegedly went as far to say that he believed “maybe something drug-related… occurred” with his wife.

This all fell apart, however, after Elizabeth Wilhoite's father said he suspected that Andrew had done something to her. Police then searched the bedroom, finding blood and other evidence, and brought the future Clinton Township Board member in for questioning.

Wilhoite said he “physically threw Elizabeth out the front door of the house” before “he picked up a cement, gallon-sized flower pot that had dirt in it and struck Elizabeth in the face,” the affidavit states.

“Elizabeth fell to the ground and Andrew stated he didn’t know what to do so he took Elizabeth’s body, placed it in his pickup, and threw it in a nearby creek that is east of the residence,” prosecutors added. They alleged that Wilhoite went so far as to collect the broken pot pieces and put them in a plastic bag.

The affidavit notes that when investigators asked Wilhoite if his wife was still breathing when he threw her in the creek, he admitted “he didn’t know because he didn’t check” but that he did not recall “her groaning or moving at all.” He also described to investigators how he threw his wife’s body over the wall of a bridge into the creek, and that he believed she was still there.

Wilhoite's trial is set for August, although WTHR reports that, barring a plea agreement, it's likely to be delayed.

This is certainly one way to go for a party that seems intent upon implementing policies that will kill women. Might as well just cut to the chase and literally elect people who have done so with their bare hands, that way they can be sure that they won't have a moment of weakness and start caring whether we live or die.


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