Internet Wants To Buy Old Handsome Joe Biden A Trans Am For Teh Lulz, Charity

You know that one Onion story that's nearly mandatory in any discussion of the general awesomeness of Old Handsome Joe Biden, right? (Frankly, we doubt we even needed to link to it, but it's a habit by now.) You probably also know that Biden knows about the meme, and thinks it's "hilarious," right? You might even know that Joe Biden is something of a motorhead in real life, and owns a 1967 Corvette that the Secret Service won't let him drive -- "It's the one thing I hate about this job. I'm serious."

So now, some goofballs from Fark have started a campaign to buy Joe Biden an actual white Trans Am like the one in the Onion piece, for the Lulz.

The sad reality is that a bunch of stupidhead "anti-corruption" laws limiting gifts to officeholders will probably prevent Old Handsome Joe from actually taking posession of the car. But the goofballs from Fark hope maybe he'll wash it in the White House driveway before they auction it off and give the proceeds (and any other funds from this campaign) to four charities: Doctors Without Borders, GLAAD, The Wounded Warrior Project and The Biden Breast Health Initiative. And then they'll give the Veep a diecast scale model of a similar vehicle.

We are fully behind this campaign because it manages to be absurd, awesome, Full Of Win, and, even, god help us, whimsical. And almost tangentially, it supports four actual good causes. We only wish The Onion had had the good sense to imagine Old Handsome Joe driving a 1973 Impala. There's just no accounting for taste.

[Indiegogo: Buy Vice President Biden a Trans Am]

Doktor Zoom

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