Investigation Into Whether Racist Sexist Miami Dolphins Are The Worst Finds That Why Yes, They Are


what them worry?Somehow, it's hard to focus on sportsball's magnificent athleticism when it seems like there are always stories about athletes doing murder -- ALLEGEDLY -- and raping women across America -- ALLEGEDLY -- and domestic violencing the ladies and all manner of breakin' the law. All of that somehow gets a pass because SPORTSBALL, while Richard Sherman is called a thug for using his words to be all, like, "I am THE BEST at kicking ass and taking names," which is not illegal or racist or sexist, but just, like, typical run-of-the-mill sportsball bragging, which, as I understand is, it kind of part of the whole culture.

So here is yet another news story that makes it awful hard to give an eighth of a damn about how great sportsballers are, on account of how this study shows how goddamned fucking terrible awful THE WORST they are.

The guy who picked the short straw at Deadspin read the entire 148-page report from an independent investigation commissioned by the NFL to investigate just how terrible the sportsballers of the Miami Dolphins are, with Richie Incognito as the ringleader of the jerks. And guess what? They are terrible! How terrible? Sooooo terrible. Here's a summary of Deadspin's summary of their terribleness:



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