Iowa GOP Already Sick of Michele Bachmann's Elitist Diva Routine

Iowa GOP Already Sick of Michele Bachmann's Elitist Diva Routine

Iowa Republicans have belatedlygrown as tired of walking prescription overdose Michele Bachmann as the rest of Reality, only this time not for her acutely lunatic viewpoints and constant factual misrepresentations, but because she chronically shows up late to all of her scheduled events, refuses to mingle with the commoners or take their questions and then runs and hides in the cool darkness of her tour bus like some low-level Taliban bureaucrat retiring to his cave to sift through the opium stash in the medicine box before he says a prayer and checks out for a few hours. What were we talking about again? MICHELE BACHMANN IS INSANE, and a two-bit theocrat. There we go. Let's hear from her former fans!

From some Fox News thing, somewhere:

Can the "Barack Obama rock star crap."

That comes from Judd Saul, who helped organize the Blackhawk County Lincoln Day Dinner. The fundraiser, which was the day after the Straw Poll, was Texas Governor Rick Perry's first presidential campaign event in Iowa.

It was held in Waterloo, a place where she is no stranger. Bachmann proudly states she is from Waterloo and It is also where she officially launched her White House bid.

But Saul says Bachmann's behavior at the dinner left folks "kinda pissed."

"(Perry) sat with people, talked with people. (Bachmann) acted like a rock star, refused to eat dinner with us,"he said. "If Michele Bachmann is the hometown girl, from Waterloo, she should dine with us."

Instead, Saul points out Bachmann spent time on her campaign bus, only entering for her turn to speak at the event after she was introduced twice.

Out in Western Iowa, the chairman of the Pottawattamie County Republican Party, Jeff Jorgenson tells Fox News,   "(Bachmann) hasn't been making herself far as retail politics is concerned, she's got a long way to go."

In large part, Republican ire at Bachmann comes because she is seen as not fully embracing the '"rules" of Iowa campaigning.

Unlike most other states, Iowans expect candidates, even ones for 'leader of the Free World', to linger at events to talk with every person left in the room. Presidential hopefuls are also expected to take questions from not only the local media, but also everyday Iowans.

Everyone hates Michele Bachmann because she is a greedy, self-serving egomaniac, the end. [OH FINE WHATEVER Fox News]


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