Iraqis Laugh and Laugh At WikiLeaks' So-Called 'Leaks'

Iraqis Laugh and Laugh At WikiLeaks' So-Called 'Leaks'
  • Oh no, WikiLeaks has released 400,000 pages from the US Army's Secret Iraqi Death And Torture Scrapbook! Julian Assange is un-American for putting these documents on his website -- mostly because Julian Assange is Australian. Anyway, how does the average, Joe Six Pack Iraqi feel about this historic leak, which shows that Iraqi civilians are routinely tortured/slaughtered by Coalition Forces? "The documents, which were released too late to be in Saturday newspapers in Iraq, attracted less attention than expected among ordinary Iraqis, with many of them saying they're unsurprised by any accounts of abuse by either Americans or Iraqis." Meanwhile, in These United States: 400,000 documents, and almost none of them have pictures? Um, America will wait for someone to upload a MTV WikiLeaks Mashup. (Enya vs. Julian Assange. So good.) [McClatchy]
  • Barack Obama is going on a "Would You Mind Voting Democrat?" road trip with Joe Biden. Only Traveling Gaffes can save us now. [The Hill]

  • Karzai is receiving cash from Iran. Not sure why, we just thought you should know, though! [BBC]


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