Irene Devastation: Netflix Streaming Apparently Out For Whole East Coast


We are getting late word tonight that Netflix Streaming is totally not working along much of the East Coast, due to terrorism (Hurricane Irene). Former Wonkettespecial guest editor Jason Linkins reports that it's broken in D.C., at least on his Twitter friend's teevee somewhere. And where's Obama, probably golfing from a yacht over Arlington National Cemetery, right? What will people do over the next several weeks? We have checked Netflix Streaming Video on the West Coast and it appears to be "fine." We tested it using a George Carlin HBO On Location special. It's fine. We don't know what the rest of you people are complaining about.

In other hurricane news, the Hurricane itself is apparently right over some part of Virginia, somewhere south of Crystal City. Nobody knows exactly where, what with all the New Jersey beach cams out because of the power outage. Here is some video to cheer you up, because now several people have been killed in the storm so you can no longer make jokes about it, in Brooklyn:


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