IRSghazi: Now With History's Two Greatest Monsters


Hi wingnuts! How goes things with the IRS “scandal” today? Still trying to make something, anything, stick to the White House like poop on rabbit fur? Because by our count you’re batting about 0-for-eleventy-billion so far. There were your failed attempts to get everyone thinking this wasas bad as Watergate. There was the screeching about IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman’s wife. There were Shulman’s 157 trips to the White House to attend the Easter Egg Roll, a story that managed to completely ignore the IRS head’s entire answer to a congressional committee about the visits and also turned out to be a load of bullshit. There was the poutrage that the administration had kept quiet about the IG’s investigation until we learned that Republicans in Congress had known about it for a year already also. When all that failed you had some Tea Party types wail and gnash their teeth on TV about their freedom being taken away or some such, and even that seems to have been met with a collective yawn from the public. Now you’ve pretty much been reduced to Darrell Issa muttering about his gut, which also once told him he could buy his way into the California governor’s mansion, and we all know how that turned out.

So it’s no surprise that you are flailing around trying to get this one to stick:

The president's deputy campaign manager attended the "nonpolitical" ObamaCare implementation meetings with the former IRS commissioner at the White House…

Cutter attempted to dismiss charges they were political meetings but admitted she had attended meetings with Shulman at the White House. "I was in them with him," Cutter said. "So there was nothing nefarious going on."

Well, if they were not political meetings, why was she there at all? Was she there to offer her health care or tax code expertise?

Hmmm, that is nefarious. Perhaps you could consult the Oracle of Delphwiki for Stephanie Cutter’s job history, like we did, where you would find that in April of 2010 Cutter became "Assistant to the President for Special Projects," specifically to manage outreach and communications about Obamacare, which the IRS plays a huge role in enforcing. So yes, it seems as if it does make sense for her to have sat in on health care meetings with the head of the IRS. Though not 157 of them, editorial writer for Investor’s Business Daily, because that story got knocked down last week.

Cutter later spent most of 2011 working as a Deputy Senior Adviser to the President. Is it possible she continued to work on domestic policy issues like Obamacare? Sure seems likely!

In other words, the answer to your last question is YES YOU NITWITTED COCK JOCKEYS YES!!!

By the way, this all came out last week, but we didn’t pay attention until yesterday when Donald Trump tweeted out a link to the Stupidest Man on the Internet’s initial story with the added commentary “Great investigative work by Jim Hoft.” What did this great investigative work consist of? As best we can tell, the deadbeat welcher watched Jake Tapper’s show on CNN, where Stephanie Cutter herself stated she had been in these meetings. Now the wingnuts are screeching for Darrell Issa to subpoena Cutter, which he will probably do, because this is the worst scandal since Nero picked the wrong couple of hours to practice his covers of the Avett Brothers’ catalog.

Good luck with your continued efforts to do the unspeakable to that poultry, wingnuts. We’re sure one of these days the chicken will finally decide to lay back and enjoy it.

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