Is Anyone Surprised That Trump Is Sending Troops To Saudi Arabia To Protect Oil?

Is Anyone Surprised That Trump Is Sending Troops To Saudi Arabia To Protect Oil?

During the 2000 election and even after, one of the absolute stupidest troll arguments in favor of Trump was that he, supposedly, was "anti-war" and an isolationist. While anyone with half a brain could see that he was obviously disingenuously trying to capitalize on one of Hillary Clinton's major weaknesses — her vote for the Iraq War — and would absolutely get us into war the second he saw any glory or money in it for himself, many of his supporters have continued sticking to this line anyway. Of course, they're almost definitely not actually "anti-war" either, but rather interested in "owning the libs."

Anyway, Trump just authorized sending an unspecified number of troops to Saudi Arabia — a country that recently had American journalist Jamal Khashoggi brutally murdered — following drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities that Trump blames on Iran, although Iran denies this and another group has taken responsibility...

Via CNN:

Iran has denied responsibility. Yemen-based Houthi rebels, locked in an ongoing war for control of the country with Saudi Arabia and its allies, have said they are behind the attack.

US officials have refused to accept that and insist Iran is responsible, though they have not yet presented evidence to support the claim."Iran's brazen attack against Saudi Arabia is unacceptable," Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement about the new sanctions, which targeted the Central Bank for providing "billions of dollars to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, its Qods Force and its terrorist proxy, Hizballah."

OOH. Anyone else getting any misty watercolor memories of the time a group of terrorists consisting mostly of Saudi Arabians, lead by a Saudi Arabian, flew planes into the World Trade Center and we responded by invading Iraq and Afghanistan, because daddy issues and oil?

Trump, being Trump, did not seek Congressional approval for this deployment, which, as Elizabeth Warren pointed out last night, is pretty messed up.

The timing this is quite convenient, as Trump's poll numbers are down and he's currently dealing with a whistleblower scandal. He's likely hoping that getting us involved in some bullshit conflict will get people's minds off of those things, get the patriotism juices flowing and help him secure the next election.

God help us all if that actually works.


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