Is 'Handmaid's Tale' Judge Literally ENDORSED BY GOD? These Wackjobs Think So!
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Let's see, where did we leave off with the story of Amy Coney Barrett, who is reportedly Donald Trump's favorite Worst Woman On The Planet to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Oh yes, the Catholic Jesus club she belongs to, People of Praise, is the exact same kind of extremist Catholic/Pentecostal crossover group that inspired the Margaret Atwood novel (and recently TV show!) called The Handmaid's Tale.

Indeed, back in the olden timey days, before the book, women in that group who mentored/monitored the single women were called the "handmaidens," but then they changed that at some point because kinda bad look, y'all.

The creepy Christian theocratic shit with Amy Coney Barrett, who does not respectstare decisis (judicial precedent) if she thinks a case was decided wrongly, and who thinks her religious beliefs are more important than the law, does not stop with how her Catholic Jesus Scout Troop appears to share some important parallels with The Handmaid's Tale.

Right Wing Watch reports on a group of dominionist self-styled "prophets" who held an event this week where they declared Coney Barrett has been ANOINTED BY GOD. It was hosted by Frank Amedia, who was literally Trump's "Christian policy adviser" in 2016 — you know, in case you were wondering if these people had a seat of the table or if they're just a bunch of mouthbreathing loons. They are both.

Anyway, at that internet event, RWW explains, dominionist "prophet" Lou Engle told everybody about an anti-abortion fetus fetishist named Matt Lockett, who had a DREAM about Amy Coney Barrett. (No, not that kind of dream, you perverts!)

Engle recounted anti-abortion activist Matt Lockett's prophetic dream in which Lockett said he grabbed Karen Pence by the shoulders and told her, "Remember the name Amy Coney Barrett!"

Who among us hasn't had a dream where we grab Mother Pence and tell her to remember some wackass judge's name.

Lockett had his Mother Pence dream back in 2018, when Amy Coney Barrett did not get named to the Supreme Court. At the time, Engle was just pretty sure, BASED ON REVEALED PROPHECY, that Coney Barrett had the "endorsement of heaven" to be on the Court. But then Trump went and picked Boof-Drunk McGee, who had not even been endorsed by Heaven, and moreover has been credibly accused of sexual assault and harassment by multiple women. These guys were mad about that, because of how God voted for Amy Coney Barrett in the primary!

ANYWAY, so Lou Engle told the online event this week about Matt Lockett's dream and THEN HE SAID he had also personally had a dream about Amy Coney Barrett just this past Monday. So many men, having questionable dreams about Amy Coney Barrett!

Then, RWW explains, Lou Engle did some DECREES:

Number one, before the principalities and power, before the angelic realm, before the very throne of God, 'Remember the name Amy Coney Barrett! Remember the name Amy Coney Barrett!' Yes, we begin to decree it from the throne room of God! 'Remember the name Amy Coney Barrett!' Secondly, we're decreeing that President Trump is the William Wilberforce for the ending of the slave trade of abortion! We decree this in Jesus' name.

He decrees it from the throne room of God! Remember, remember, the batshit "Handmaid's Tale" lady! And remember, remember, that Donald Trump will end the ... slave trade? ... of abortion!

If you are a very long-time reader you might remember the name "Lou Engle," and it is because way back in 2010, in one of the first pieces we ever wrote for this here WARBLOG, we personally infiltrated one of Engle's revivals outside St. Louis, where he told us the story of the three-story tall homosexual Jesus giant.

No, really. The three-story tall homosexual Jesus giant. It is a real thing Engle saw in another one of his dreams. Engle explained:

"I sent my son to San Francisco with a group of people to pray for three years. They actually had a dream. They saw a three-story homosexual man, a huge giant, and they were throwing like rocks at it and nothing would happen to it, and then suddenly the foreman rolled a scroll and it read "Jehu's Covenantal Community," and the giant shriveled to nothing!"


It's OK, Lou, or Lou's son, or the group of people Lou sent to San Francisco to pray for three years (???). We all have weird dreams. Ours don't have the three-story homosexual Jesus giant in them, though. Maybe our subconscious is just different from Lou et al's.

Point is, these people — who have connections with the White House — believe Amy Coney Barrett, the handmaiden, has the endorsement of God to be the Supreme Court justice to end abortion. (Which is so stupid, because abortion will never actually end, even if you ban it. Grow up, losers.)

Not only that, but their little dominionist movement believes it has the power from God to breathe these things into being, and a responsibility to take dominion over the planet for their messed up weirdo version of Christianity. They are bugfuck.

Right Wing Watch reports on some of the other things these very normal people said during their event Tuesday. Like evangelist Alan Parker:

"Who but God would take [Ruth Bader Ginsburg] out on Rosh Hashanah?" he said. "Who but God would throw this chaos into an election, less than 40 days before the election?"

Which ... is not quite the same as the Jewish teaching shared by Nina Totenberg on the day of Ginsburg's death.

Indeed, they even see a significance in the fact that God Trump is going to announce his nominee on Saturday:

Amedia and his colleagues see a divine hand at work in reports that Trump would announce his choice to replace Ginsburg during prime time Saturday evening, which would place it during or immediately after "The Return," a major religious-right event that organizers believe will spark a spiritual revival and put Trump back in the White House for another term. Leading national repentance for abortion is a major theme of "The Return" organizers. Parker voiced that sentiment Tuesday night. "We've got 40 days to get this next Supreme Court nominee confirmed," Parker said. "We need to pray. But we need to trust the Lord. And God is doing amazing things. In fact, it now looks like he may announce it on Saturday while 'The Return' is going on the Washington mall. Who but God could arrange that?"

So this is all normal.

We'd like to end by addressing the fact that we're seeing tut-tutting even from some liberals and progressives on how we shouldn't criticize Amy Coney Barrett for her Catholic faith. Which is true, and if we were doing that, we'd surely admonish ourselves. What we're criticizing is that Amy Coney Barrett is a person of a weird bugfuck version of Catholic faith who believes her religious beliefs take precedent over American law and who does not respect precedent and who straight-up wants to end Roe and impose her theocratic beliefs on everyone else.

That is what this is about.

Amy Coney Barrett has no business anywhere near the Supreme Court, or any court. And if Trump picks her, it's game on for her fucked up Christian movement, and for Lou Engle and Frank Amedia and all these other dominionist crackpots who think Jesus died so they could rule over us.

[Right Wing Watch]

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