Is Shitweasel Rep. Devin Nunes Sending GOP Staffers To England To Harass Christopher Steele?

dumb fucking fuck

There's more fuckery afoot involving the House Intelligence Committee and its dimwitted "recused" leader Rep. Devin Nunes! A story came out in Politico on Friday that we mostly ignored, because it was strange and vague Friday, but the gist was that earlier this summer, Republican staffers from the House Intel Committee got on an aero-plane and traveled to England to try to find former MI6 spy Christopher Steele, who compiled the raw intelligence now known as the Steele Dossier, which alleges MANY nefarious conspiracies involving Donald Trump, his associates, and Russia. The opening is the most memorable part, because it features a pair of Russia's finest hookers going all R. Kelly Golden Shower in Trump's general vicinity. The rest of it is really interesting too, and it has not been debunked, despite how Republicans dishonestly insist it has.

(Republicans have a convoluted strategy to discredit Steele, who is considered very credible by U.S. intelligence, with a fake GOTCHA! about how Fusion GPS, the intelligence firm that contracted with Steele, also had a Russian client one time, therefore CHRISTOPHER STEELE WAS WORKING FOR THE RUSSIANS TO HELP HILLARY CLINTON STEAL THE ELECTION FROM HILLARY CLINTON DERP DERP DERP OUR BRAINS DO NOT WORK GOOD.)

We don't know if these staffers thought they could just lollygag over to the British Isles and stand in the middle of Trafalgar Square asking if anybody's seen that old chap Christopher, but they didn't find him, despite visiting his lawyers' office and everything. (And Steele was there at the time! But alas, you GOP dicksnots, we are sorry you came all this way, but do you have an appointment? No? Then FUCK OFF.)

Sources told Politico the staffers were only trying to make contact with Steele's lawyers anyway, so they obviously had to fly to England, because emails and telephones is the toughest. The Politico thing didn't specify exactly who gave these staffers their orders, or why. Democrats on the committee didn't know about it, the Senate Intelligence Committee didn't know about it (and they were pissed), special counsel Robert Mueller didn't know about it. WHO THE FUCK SENT THEM AND WHO KNEW ABOUT IT?

Oh that's right, we spoilered it in the first sentence. The Guardian reports that it was fucking Devin Nunes, because it's always fucking Devin Nunes, because he is a slow-brained bucket of alpaca jizz who doesn't know how to stay in his own fucking lane:

Two US congressional staffers who travelled to London in July and tried to contact former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele were sent by a longstanding aide to Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House intelligence committee and a close ally of the White House.

That "longstanding aide" is Damon Nelson, who's worked for Nunes in some way or another since 2003 and now serves as staff director for the committee. Now, to be clear, according to "congressional source," this trip involved other intelligence committee things, also too, and wasn't just a couple GOP dork-asses going on an English Snipe Hunt for a seasoned spy.

And to be entirely fair, it's possible Nelson sent the staffers on this errand without telling his boss Devin, but hahahahahaha whatever. (That is Wonkette, being fair to Devin Nunes.)

Guess who else didn't know about this little sexcapade, according to Rep. Adam Schiff, Democratic ranking member on the House Intel Committee? That's right, it is Congressman Mike Conaway, the Republican now leading the House's investigation due to Nunes's non-recusal "recusal"! Yes for real, Nunes appears to be going behind HIS OWN PARTY'S BACK to act as Donald Trump's grinning little butt boy.

Check out this quote from The Guardian:

“I find the fact that they presumably spent taxpayer money to undertake such a hyper-partisan and unprofessional effort extremely troubling,” John Sipher, a former senior CIA officer said in an emailed comment. “There are normal ways to do this through our existing institutions, and their relationships with our British partners. This is bad on many levels.

“Republicans that are part of the House investigation should not be undertaking efforts without informing their Democratic colleagues,” Sipher added. “Not only is it unprofessional but it is impolite. Mr Steele was a professional who worked on important and compatible issues with the US. He deserves better than being ambushed by a bunch of hacks.”

Hyperpartisan, troubling, unprofessional, impolite, bunch of hacks? Yep, that sounds like the Devin Nunes we all know and loathe. That sniveling fuck.

So here we are again. To remind everyone, Devin Nunes fake "recused" hismelf from the investigation after it became obvious that he, who worked on the Trump transition team, was really taking his orders from Donald Trump. We'll never forget that week in March when, in an effort to distract good and patriotic Americans from the actual Russia investigation, Nunes became Trump's errand boy, sprinting to the White House to get intelligence from the White House about allegedly nefarious "unmasking" of Trump People done by Obama People, then sprinting directly from the White House to the White House to tell the White House all the secret intelligence he learned from the White House.

Of course, Nunes explained later that he didn't really recuse himself (FAKE NEWS!), and besides, he solved the Russia investigation months ago, by reading the secret messages in his dingleberries and unilaterally determining the Trump campaign didn't collude with Russia, which led him to prematurely ejaculate "INNOCENT!" all over Trump's face.

And now it looks like he's sending little cum-rag GOP staffers to harass Christopher Steele IN ENGLAND, unless somehow his staff director gave those orders without telling his boss, uh huh OK sure LOLOL.

Can the voters of California's 22nd district please take care of this little Devin Nunes problem next year, with votes? We'd sure appreciate it.

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