Right Stuff Dating App Flawless Victory, So Much Conservative Hetero Boning Happening Now

OK they're allowed but ...

The Right Stuff dating app has been up for a week, and let us tell you, if the reviews are any indicator, this thing that Peter Thiel stuffed his gay money into is going great.

As of this writing, it's rated a '2.1' out of a possible '5' on the Apple app store, and just read what people are saying!

That first one? One star! It's probably such a good star it doesn't need more stars!

Douglas Roop, 09/30/2022

It's a good app but there's no women?

I love my country. I love the second amendment. And I love God. These days it's hard to find a woman who values my patriotism. My faith. And so after being ghosted by every match on Tinder, I decided to give this app a try. I created my profile, uploaded a selfie of me sitting in my truck with sunglasses, and it worked great. The interface was intuitive and easy to use. But the weird thing is, I couldn't find any women on it. I don't know, maybe the app is bugged? I tried switching my preference to men (just to make sure it was working) and loads of handsome men came up. I hope the developers fix this.

It's great, for conservative guys who don't want to meet women, just very handsome men!

Another review says "No women on this site," and adds "I guess it's just men, then. Ok by me! Gay men: plenty of fish here!"

Indeed, some of the reviews that say that are five-star reviews, so they are satisfied customers!

But back to the one-star reviews!

Here is one that says "Socialist App in Wolves Clothing."

They say their wife died two days ago so it's time to get back out there. But they realized it is a scam and funded by Bill Gates for the purpose of "exterminate all of us conservative Christian's." [sic] What a bummer.

Finally, here are a couple that are pretty sure The Right Stuff is just the feds trying to catch them for January 6-ing. So if that's your kink!

Huh, those are one-star reviews too. Guess that is not their kink.

Oh well, we're sure things will turn around. Conservative dating apps have such a high success rate, after all.

For more, have fun with this thread.

And this is your OPEN THREAD!

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