It's Your Special Holiday Sunday Show Rundown!

The holidays are a time of reflection and when good people, in the spirit of the goodwill, theoretically try to be the best version of themselves. But, since we cover the political Sunday shows, the host and guests have the memory of goldfish and ONLY ever stare forward to the next news/election cycle.

Let's dive in for the final Sunday show rundown of 2022 before we descend into a coquito-induced haze!

Of course, we couldn't end the year without Democratic Senator Joe Manchin appearing on a Sunday show. Especially after his partner in obstruction, Democratic Independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, hogged all the headlines last week.

Manchin, along with others on the various Sunday shows, urged the Biden administration to keep the former Trump administration's use of "Title 42" — a public health order that excludes most migrants from entering the US at the southern border, instituted at the height of the pandemic. With the rule set to end and asylum seekers being able to make legal claims at ports of entry once again, here come the conservatives of BOTH parties to yell about the "border crisis."

"Face The Nation" host Margaret Brennan noted with Manchin that it will be harder to pass anything to actually fix immigration with the upcoming batshit GOP House.

BRENNAN: You said recently that you have a worker shortage in West Virginia right now. How do you get to bipartisan legislation on legal migration when you are about to face a Republican-controlled House that's vowed to impeach the Homeland Security secretary?

Manchin's answer was his usual fantasy bullshit about a mythical bipartisan and deliberative Congress.

MANCHIN: Yeah, well, first of all, that's- it's an unfair charge against Ali Mayorkas because I think the gentleman is- is very competent, he can do a good job. They just need to unleash him, let him do his job. [...]

My state of West Virginia needs more workers, We need people that want to come here for the right reason, to provide for their family a better quality of life. [...] And we have so many people that want to come to our country, there has to be a legal pathway forward. That's all we've been talking about. The 2013 piece of legislation that we worked on and passed in a bipartisan way in the Senate, never got a vote in the House. Use that as the building block. That was a piece of legislation that was responsible and reasonable and it basically all centered around border security, but it gave a legal pathway forward to come into this country, work your way to legal citizenship. That's what we need.

Of course! The 2013 "Gang Of Eight" bill that was opposed by GOP senators who worked on it, like Marco Rubio of Florida, and was championed by then-alive John McCain. Why didn't we think of that? Maybe if we resurrect McCain and Rubio is visited by three Dickens ghosts, we can get another 68-32 result like in 2013!

Unlike Manchin, Democratic Senator Alex Padilla of California on ABC's "This Week" was more realistic about Title 42 and getting realistic about immigration.

Speaking to Martha Raddatz, Padilla cut through the fearmongering:

PADILLA: I’m not suggesting that it's not going to be a challenge. But let’s understand why it is such a challenge, because the prior administration starved the very departments and agencies of the resources they need, not just to patrol the border but to process these lawful asylum claims. [...]

Most Americans understand and appreciate there are people who want to come to the United States for a number of reasons. That's why we have student visa programs. That’s why we have work visa programs. And yes, it is lawful for someone seeking violence -- fleeing violence, excuse me, fleeing violence, fleeing poverty, fleeing for their lives to come to the United States seeking asylum, and it's our obligation to consider that and make a determination. [...] The state of California I think is a prime example. More than a billion dollars of state funds going into humanitarian assistance for asylum seekers. When they come to the United States while they wait for their hearing, do they deserve some basic food and shelter and health screening? Absolutely.

Treating people humanely? During the holidays? Who'da thought!

Title 42, especially in light of how we are dealing with COVID-19 now (we aren't), and conservatives' beliefs that any COVID mitigation rules are tyranny, is a xenophobic relic of the Trump Administration. While the Biden Administration has turned back a lot of evil from Trump's reign and modified Title 42 from turning back ALL asylum seekers to allowing families/unaccompanied minors with asylum claims, President Biden's administration has been criticized for continuing Title 42 by advocates for immigrants — and Yr Wonkette.

What one does for "the least of us" has always been a revelation of who people truly are. Always.

Have a week, happy holidays and have a happy new year!

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