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MAGA chuds, racists, transphobes and general scumbags are having a really tough time since Election Day. Just this weekend alone, delusional die-hard idiots were in Washington DC to once again cry about an election they lost, threaten to secede and start a new Civil War, and wear kilts to show their unwashed asses as they tore Black Lives Matter banners from historical black churches.

You know, "patriot" shit.

Exemplifying their state of denial was Republican House Minority Whip Steve Scalise. Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," Scalise still wouldn't call Joe Biden the President-elect:

Scalise patted Republicans on the back because they've "allowed" Biden to go through a transition, while still denying that Biden will be the President come January 20, after he cosigned that the fascist clown lawsuit from the Texas attorney general, which the Supreme Court unceremoniously threw out Friday. Republicans have been acting like undemocratic, racist-coddling, wannabe gangsters for decades now, but they're doing it really loudly now.

It's a reality we have to face, which is why sadly I have to include incoming White House senior advisor and current Democratic congressman Cedric Richmond in this rundown. Appearing on CBS's "Face The Nation," Richmond kinda hinted that some Democrats might not get how dangerous and uncompromising Republicans are now.

Biden adviser Cedric Richmond says GOP lawmakers privately acknowledge Trump lost

MARGARET BRENNAN: Okay. You, in your new role in the Biden administration, have described it as also being a conduit in some ways for outreach to Republicans. Two thirds of the Republican conference, including your friend, Congressman Steve Scalise, have supported this failed effort by-- by Texas to get the Supreme Court to try to overturn the results. And he says he still supports the President's attempts to do so. If-- if two thirds of the Republican conference doesn't recognize Joe Biden's victory as the president-elect, how can you do business with them?

RICHMOND: They recognize Joe Biden's victory. All of America recognizes Joe Biden's victory. This is just a small portion of the Republican conference that are appeasing and patronizing the President on his way out because they are scared of his Twitter power and other things.

Sixty-five percent of the House Republican Caucus is not a "small portion," Rep. Richmond. It's substantial enough that the obstructionism that President Obama faced might look like child's play compared to the next four years. The Biden Administration must recognize this change in the politics and Republicans in general or they'll be doomed to repeat the same mistakes we lived through before President Obama realized there was no compromising with Mitch McConnell and his ilk.

Also, stop allowing Republicans to be scumbags in public, while giving them credit for what they say in secret:

RICHMOND: I talk to Republican members of Congress all the time, and they say one thing privately, they say another thing publicly. But the one thing I will tell you is they realize he lost this election.

Republicans want to simultaneously appease their base while using these whispered statements privately to give themselves both legitimacy and plausible deniability if confronted. We need to hold them accountable for what they say or do publicly, not privately. It doesn't matter if Republicans privately hate Trump or recognize Biden's victory if publicly they are attempting a coup to continue the presidency of a guy whose pandemic response failure has cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

We need to assess the threat Republicans pose and deal with the politics as they are now, not how we wish or how they used to be. We'll conclude with this clip of Jake Tapper "thanking" Donald Trump for making Republicans for put their cowardice on record:

Jake Tapper wants to thank Trump. Hear why

TAPPER: President Trump made House Republicans go on the record. He made them stand and be counted and 126 of them, including Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and Republican Whip Steve Scalise, they actually signed their names to this, this unconservative, un-Democratic, un-American mendacious joke of a lawsuit that would disenfranchise millions of their fellow Americans. These House Republicans raised their hands. They said, sign me up. The hope that most Republicans in the House were better than this, that has been destroyed.

I don't think you needed more proof that Republicans were not "better than this," Jake Tapper, but better late than never.

Until next Sunday!

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