It's Saturday, You're Bored And Alone. Don't Feel Bad, Get Mad! About Things!

It's Saturday, You're Bored And Alone. Don't Feel Bad, Get Mad! About Things!

Okay, so it's Saturday and it must be drinking o'clock hour somewhere, and instead of getting ready to party SOOOO hard and gulp artisanal craftsman cocktails that cost eleventy billion dollars, you are sitting home alone looking at the internets like some kind of person who sits at home alone on a Saturday night looking at the internets. But that's okay! Instead of being all depressed about sitting at home alone on a Saturday night, you can catch up on all the things that made me MAD!!! in case you missed it because you were, I dunno, working or something. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will kill some time, and then you can go back to whatever it is you were planning to do at home alone on a Saturday night on the internets, I don't want to know, that's between you and your god or your hand or whatever.

On Monday, the GOP revealed a new new extra new plan to empower women by telling them they are stupid. Did I get mad about that? Of course I did.

On Tuesday, I learned about some "Christian" college called Gordon, which no one had ever heard of before, begging President Obama to please keep sending federal monies, but without the expectation that Gordon will comply with federal law by not hating The Gay. Did I get mad about that? Obviously.

On Wednesday, I wanted to burn all the things because Megyn Kelly, who knows Santa is white, kids, is apparently not so sure that women's "health" is a real thing. Also, she said a lot of cunty not-true words about Dr. George Tiller (hero!), so yes, I got mad about that.

On Thursday, I offered some friendly advice to Sen. Ted Cruz, who offered some advice to Democrats, which was to stop being SO mean to nuns and bishops by making them, um, live in a world in which women (including all the Catholic kind) use birth control. Can you guess what my advice was? Check it out.

On Friday, I told you about this wingnut wannabe nurse who is suing a health clinic because the health clinic did not want to hire her when she said she would refuse to actually provide women's health care because Jesus or whatever. And yes, I did get mad about that because of course I did.

There you go. What things did you get mad about this week?

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