Ivanka Trump 'Created' All Her Own Wealth, Thank You Very Much

Ivanka Trump 'Created' All Her Own Wealth, Thank You Very Much

The president's daughter and White House Adviser to Gross Nepotism, Ivanka Trump, gave an interview to the Associated Press yesterday. It was full of lies and slander. Ivanka opposes her father's impeachment because her lawyers inform her she'd also have to leave if he's removed from office. She can't go back to "designing" crap clothing. She won't go back.

Ivanka talked her usual gibberish, but she also shared some insights on presidential politics from her worn-out copy of Hooked on Phonics: History. Get yourself a stiff drink and meet me back here after this clip.

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MORON: So, I happened to be reading at the time a biography on Thomas Jefferson where this letter was quoted and he was writing to his daughter about his experience in Washington. And I went to the source material and read the full letter.

Ivanka acts like she personally got her Dewey Decimal on at the Library of Congress. She probably just asked someone within a foot of her to get "that Jefferson letter" and the person said, "I don't actually work for you." She stamped her foot, demanded her Oompa Loompa, and someone eventually obliged.

When the House voted to give Donald Trump a bag of impeachment rocks for Halloween, Ivanka tweeted an excerpt from Jefferson's letter to his daughter, Martha. She claimed "some things never change" when obviously they've changed a hell of a lot if Trump has the same job as the guy who wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Ivanka was dragged on Twitter for her cluelessness, but over the next week, she discovered other presidents to compare to her corrupt father.

MORON: This is not a new experience for my father and our president. This has been the experience of most.

Trump would only be the third president impeached in US history and only the second for non-fellatio-related felonies.

MORON: Abraham Lincoln was famously, even within his own Cabinet, surrounded by people who were former political adversaries.

As historian Doris Kearns Goodwin documented in Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln deliberately assembled a Cabinet of former rivals because, during a time of war, they were the best men for the job.

LINCOLN: We need the strongest men of the party in the Cabinet. We needed to hold our own people together. I had looked the party over and concluded that these were the very strongest men. Then I had no right to deprive the country of their services.

Trump however filled his administration with Disney villain henchmen and demands total loyalty with ritualistic displays of obsequiousness. But Ivanka wasn't done insulting our intelligence. She also did this.


How can Ivanka "reject" observable reality? Just watch her.

LIAR: [Donald Trump's] wealth, and our wealth, collectively and independently, was created prior to government service and prior to anyone in our lives having run for elected office.

First place, lady, you didn't "create" any wealth. You created wealth like that hipster restaurant in a gentrified neighborhood "created" ethnic food. Ivanka compared her crime family to Joe Biden, who she claims "created wealth as a derivative" of his time in office. Biden earned about $15 million since leaving the White House. Ivanka and her first husband, Jared Kushner, somehow made $82 million during their first year in the White House.

LIAR: Most people do create their wealth post service. We created ours prior.

"Most people" in public service, unlike Ivanka Trump, possess skills and talents that can make them a lot of money in the private sector. There's nothing overtly wrong with that. Biden earned the nickname "Middle Class Joe" because during his almost 40 years in office, he followed the strict rules regarding financial conflict of interests. Ivanka can't even wait four years to cash in on her father's presidency. The first daughter's own company won trademarks in China last year to market products including baby blankets and coffins. I assume the baby blankets were knitted in sweatshops and the coffins are substandard designs.

Democrats, please hurry up and impeach this loser -- oh, and her father, too, while you're at it.


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