Ivanka Trump: President Daddy Almost Gave Me Job F**king Up The World Bank

Ivanka Trump: President Daddy Almost Gave Me Job F**king Up The World Bank

You might recall that Ivanka Trump, a failed designer of butt-ugly clothing, is also the daughter of Donald Trump, the president of the United States. It is among her only accomplishment. She is currently on her third year of the White House's Take Your Daughter to Work Day. She's the senior adviser to the president, but she almost upgraded it to a position with actual responsibilities and a job description.

During an interview Tuesday with the Associated Press, Trump said her father, the president, asked her about becoming the new head of the World Bank, which is a real thing that exists in the world. His reasoning, aside from his general contempt for all that is decent and proper, is that Ivanka is apparently "very good with numbers." We doubt this is true, unless the president is referring to the time they spent playing a child's board game involving dice and a thimble.

Trump passed on the job, she claims, because she is happy with her current role as head of contrived bullshit. (It also would've likely violated anti-nepotism laws.) She was, however, part of the selection process for the new chief of something she doesn't understand. The lucky recipient of Trump's castoff is David Malpass, who Trump graciously says will do "an incredible job." Malpass is a Georgetown-educated economist and was recently Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs. He does not need Trump's LinkedIn testimonial.

The World Bank president serves a five-year, renewable term, but they are first confirmed by the board of executive directors. This is not some common Electoral College. The board doesn't just willingly elect morons. Trump probably has sufficient self-awareness to avoid publicly embarrassing herself -- even if it had been legal. But having discussed the position is enough to bolster her credentjals for a more prominent job she knows firsthand that just about any rich asshole can do. Does Ivanka Trump want to be president? Are we all going to die? The answer to both questions is quite possibly "yes."

Last week's Atlantic had an extended profile on the first daughter, which explains the air sick bags that came with the print edition. The story behind the piece is absurd. See, author Elaina Plott had been trying forever to set up an interview with Trump, who is far too busy and important — not to mention modest! — to accept. Plott knows Trump personally, which is revealed after the reader has almost choked already on their own vomit. This is how Plott describes meeting Caroline Bingley:

Ivanka was hard to miss—taller and prettier than everyone else. I was a fan, as were most girls I knew. We thought she had it all—her own company, a pretty family, a pretty apartment. When I saw an opening, I told her as much. She thanked me and told me she liked my dress. We took a photo together, which I posted on Instagram.

Trump never officially granted Plott's interview request, but White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called up Plott and asked if she'd settle for second best -- the president himself, who'd happily discuss on the record how awesome his daughter is. This is pathetically transparent. And of course Trump "accidentally" walked into the interview anyway.

During Trump's Vanity Fair cover story posing as an Atlantic feature, President Daddy makes clear that he remembers all his children who aren't Ivanka more or less equally.

"Barron is young, but he's got wonderful potential," he said. "And Tiffany's doing extremely well. Don is, uh, he's enjoying politics; actually, it's very good. And Eric is running the business along with Don, and also very much into politics. I mean, the children—the children have been very, very good."


Let's recap: The president isn't that impressed yet with his youngest son but he has potential. It's like a movie that starts slow but you're hopeful will pick up soon. Tiffany is at least "doing extremely well." Then we get to dumber and dumbass. Don is ... uh... enjoying the political scene. He's contributed nothing of note, but he's having a good time. "It" — not him, not his actual son — is "very good." Eric is running the business. That's what he's got going on. Nice, clear statement of facts there. The president probably received a Scooby Snack for remembering all their names.

But Ivanka, whom he sometimes calls "Baby'" in official meetings, is "unique.'"


This is where the president "casually" planted the idea that he'd considered Trump for the World Bank job. He also thinks she'd be great at his job. Fortunately, he's set a pretty low bar.

If Trump sees any of his children as his heir apparent, it's Ivanka. "If she ever wanted to run for president," he said, "I think she'd be very, very hard to beat." At 37, she is old enough.

Yeah, literally every native-born citizen who is at least 35 is "old enough." We need to narrow down the list of qualified applicants. That's how you end up with the current Democratic primary. But, as the Atlantic article observes, Trump maintains a "pleasing blankness." Who knows? That might be good enough to carry Iowa someday.

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