Hello Wonks! Welcome to a Before-Election Sunday Show Rundown! All the network Sunday shows featured new panel designs for their Election Night extravaganzas. From the subtle:

Oh, what a lovely brunch.

to an "Apple Store 4th of July":

Facebook in human form

to a gawdy "Holy shit, someone's overcompensating for something"!


But today's we'll mainly focus on RNC Chairwoman and secret Romney, Ronna Romney McDaniel. Appearing on "CNN's State of the Union with Jake Tapper," McDaniel was making just one of her many Sunday show stops to put a bow on the Republican message going into this Tuesday's elections. What she didn't expect was Tapper channeling a honey badger and creating the most excruciating nine minutes of McDaniel's weekend.

The interview got to a rough start when Tapper asked McDaniel why is it that with a "great" economy, Trump is not running on it "instead of incendiary appeals that people should fear undocumented immigrants?" (i.e. the bullshit "caravan" or his racist ad).

MCDANIEL: I think the president is closing on the economy. He's talking about, obviously, these great jobs numbers we saw on Friday, as you saw, the lowest in history, unemployment levels for the African-American and Hispanic communities. We had wage growth above 3 percent for first time in a decade. But, you know, the immigration issue is something that's -- that's relevant right now with these caravans coming to our country. We have got to recognize that we have not passed comprehensive immigration reform. It's something that's a problem we have to face together, as Republicans and Democrats. And it highlights once again how Democrats have refused to work with this president on anything.

This "both sides" argument triggered the first fact-check from Tapper:

TAPPER: Actually, quite literally, Democrats and Republicans came to the table to talk to President Trump about immigration reform, and they thought they had a deal, and then, ultimately, they did not have a deal.

(And he's right. They did have a deal until Stephen Miller torpedoed it! This was the infamous "shithole countries" January meeting.)

Tapper then answered the actual question of why Trump was not talking about the economy when he played a clip of Trump stating, "And they all say, speak about the economy. Speak about the economy. We have the greatest economy in the history of our country. But, sometimes, it's not as exciting, to talk about the economy, right?"

Of course being a Romney, McDaniel flip-flopped immediately about what was ACTUALLY happening:

MCDANIEL: Well, I'm with him. He's talking about both. I mean, I have been at every rally. He talks about the jobs coming back. He's talking about four million people off of food stamps. He talks about the fact that no Democrat voted for these historic tax cuts and the deregulation that have kick-started our economy, and the fact that President Obama said 2% growth was the best we could ever get in our GDP, and now we're -- we're averaging between 3.5% and 4% GDP.

But once again, McDaniel is lying. The infamous "new normal" Obama quote was taken from a 2010 '60 Minutes' interview, barely two years into his presidency when dealing with slow growth and unemployment due to the massive recession. At the time, even though corporations were making record profits, unemployment was at 9.6%. McDaniel should be familiar with this stat since her uncle, Willard, campaigned in 2012 promising to bring unemployment from then 8% to 6%. That in fact, was a promise that Obama upheld and surpassed. While Trump and McDaniel also might point to a GDP 4.2% in the second quarter of 2018, it still pales in comparison with the 5.1 percent and 4.9 percent growth in the second and third quarters of 2014 under Obama. By every matrix, Trump has been coasting off of Obama's economy. Something President Obama recently clarified:

Tapper then fact-checked McDaniel about the racist ad Trump released on Twitter blaming Democrats for a convicted cop killer:

TAPPER: I mean, factually, it's not true, because, actually, he was let into the country most recently under George W. Bush's administration, and Joe Arpaio is the one who released him, I think, most recently.

McDaniel once gain tried to "both sides" this by pointing out when he first came to the US illegally, but Tapper blocked her like Dikembe Mutombo:

TAPPER: President Trump is inaccurately, inaccurately blaming them for putting a cop killer -- for letting him into the country, for letting him into the country. The last time he came into the country was under George W. Bush.

MCDANIEL: Regardless, we don't want him in the -- we didn't want him in the country. He killed police. That's not good. This is exactly why our immigration system is failing. And he's pointing that out. And, by the way, he did come in under Bill Clinton. So he's come in twice under different presidents.

TAPPER: And then Clinton deported him.

When that didn't work, McDaniel began blaming Democrats for things not getting done. Tapper ended the interview by providing a bit of a civics lesson and showing that "it's not them, it's you":

MCDANIEL: Democrats aren't coming to the table on anything.

TAPPER: Republicans control the House, the Senate, and the White House.

MCDANIEL: They have sat on their hands having the largest temper tantrum for two years. And they should be fixing the immigration problem.

TAPPER: Democrats, the minority party, should be fixing the immigration problem?! You control the White House, House, and the Senate.

: They should be working with the president.

TAPPER: The White House. The House. And the Senate. You control them all.

MCDANIEL: Listen, we do not have a filibuster-proof Senate. We only have 51 senators. We need 60 to solve major issues.

TAPPER: It's not the Senate. You couldn't get legislation through the House.

And that does it for this week! Go Vote!! Make the 'Blue Wave' happen and make Wonkette proud! See ya' next week!

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