Jeb Bush Doesn't Think Single Moms Are Dirty Whores Anymore

Once upon a time, Jeb Bush thought a real good way to crack down on the scourge of unwed mothers was to good old-fashioned slut-shame them, for inseminating themselves without the requisite ceremony and chicken dance first. If only it were still socially acceptable to stone women in the town square or burn them at the stake, or at least make them wear "frilly pink jumpsuits" while picking up his garbage. But calm down, liberal media, you just calm the H-E-double-hockey-sticks down RIGHT NOW, because he doesn't think that anymore, m'kay?

“My views have evolved over time, but my views about the importance of dads being involved in the lives of their children hasn’t changed at all,” Bush told reporters in Warsaw, according to MSNBC.

“In fact, since 1995 … this was a book about cultural indicators [and] the country has moved in the wrong direction,” he added. “We have a 40-plus percent out-of-wedlock birth rate.

“It’s a huge challenge for single moms to raise children in the world that we’re in today and it hurts the prospects, it limits the possibilities of young people being able to live lives of purpose and meaning,” he added.

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Musta blinked and missed the part where Bush's views evolved, because it sounds like he's still complaining about single mothers, and how they should stop chasing baby daddies off like they do, damn broads. Kids need dads if they're going to grow up to have all sorts of daddy issues and run for president one day. Besides, as his campaign -- sorry, "campaign" because Jeb Bush has not officially declared his candidacy yet -- said earlier, before Jeb decided he believes in evolution, talking about his views is unfair when they don't make him look very good:

In a statement to Business Insider, Bush spokesperson Allie Brandenburger described criticism of the writings as "cheap shots." [...]

"Anyone can take cheap shots, but Governor Bush has dedicated himself to helping low-income kids in broken homes, single moms, and victims of domestic abuse so that they can achieve their dreams. That's what he is all about," she explained.

Shameful, innit, how the media is always taking cheap shots at conservatives, by directly quoting them. Why doesn't anyone ever talk about all the good stuff Jeb did when he was governor of Florida, like ... um ... uh ...

Oh, like that time he kept a braindead woman "alive," against the wishes of her husband and legal guardian, because it was the "pro-life" (and deeply unpopular) thing to do. He's still real proud of that!

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Again we must wonder why Jeb Bush is bothering with this "I'm gonna be president" charade, because nuh uh, dude, you're not. Also, his "campaign" has had about a million embarrassing resignations and "shake-ups," and it hasn't even officially started yet. Also even more, he is a terrible candidate who had to spend a whole week explaining that when he said "yes," he really meant "no." And also the most? Nothing he does will ever make him daddy's favorite son, so holy shit, dude, just save your breath, and spare the rest of us the carpal tunnel we're fast developing from taking "cheap shots" at the dumb words you can't stop saying.

[The Hill / Business Insider]


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